Coronavirus, today’s bulletin June 23. In Bologna, infections, data and tables slow down


Coronavirus, the bulletin of June 23rd sees a drop in infections in Bologna
Bologna, 23 June 2020 – No further deaths (yesterday there were two) and alone 4 new positives (against 11 yesterday): these are the comforting data contained in the Coronavirus bulletin today, June 23, in the province of Bologna. This is what emerges from the usual daily point of the Region.

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In Emilia-Romagna i swabs today there are 4,608 (against yesterday’s 2,138), which thus reached a total of 460,600, to which are added 1,222 other serological tests, also carried out since yesterday.

As the healed and inpatients decrease, the cases of positivity in themetropolitan area reached 4,778. To these must be added the 403 of the Imola Ausl territory, where today a new case (in Medicine) was recorded in a person with a positive serological test carried out privately and following which the Department of Public Health performed the swab. The person is completely asymptomatic and has been placed in home isolation. Still in the Imola district, thanks to a new recovery, there are always 7 active cases and precisely 4 in Medicina, 2 in Imola, 1 in Dozza.

Covid-19, the data of the municipalities: tables and graphs

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