Coronavirus, today cases in the world have exceeded 10 million


At least 10 million people worldwide have been infected with the virus SARS-CoV-2. The data was recorded on Sunday 28 June by Johns Hopkins University, according to the calculations of which the balance of the dead close to altitude 500 thousand. People healed, still according to Johns Hopkins, are so far 5062145.

Although growth in Italy, the number of infections and deaths is currently in a slowdown phase, that in the world is increasing: as indicated by the researcher Lorenzo Ruffino here, it took three months to reach the first million cases, 13 days to reach 2 million, 12 to reach 3 and as many to reach 4, 11 to exceed 5 million, 10 to reach the 6 million target, 8 for the 7 million and as many for the 8 million, 7 days to reach 9 million, the milestone passed on 22 June. Today, on the 28th, there have been 10 million confirmed cases.

(Here is the map of Johns Hopkins University)

They are the United States the country most affected by the pandemic, and with the most deaths: respectively, the cases of contagion and deaths are 2,510,323 and 125,539, a quarter of the total. Texas and Florida – two of the most populous states – have been forced to re-impose restrictions, after having substantially reopened all activities a few weeks ago. They follow Brazil (1,313,667 cases, 57,070 deaths), the Russia (663,542 cases, 9 thousand dead), theIndia (528,859 cases, 16,095 deaths), the Great Britain (311,739 cases and 43,598 deaths). Italy ninth, behind the For, the Chile and the Spain by number of cases (over 240 thousand), but fourth in terms of deaths: over 34 thousand.

(Here the map with the cases in Italy)

There China, Country where the pandemic originated (probably through the passage of the virus from bats, although not yet clear n where, n when exactly it happened: Sars-CoV-2 may have spread since September, and not since Wuhan area) is no longer among the top 10 most affected countries, nor among the top 10 by number of deaths. According to official data, 22nd in terms of number of cases (84,743: behind even much smaller countries, such as the Qatar or the bangladesh) and nineteenth for death toll (4,641). In the past 24 hours, only 17 new infections have been reported across the country, and no deaths.

According to the most recent data, the continents with the fastest growth at the moment are Asia and South America, although Africa, since June, has recorded a significant increase in cases of contagion.

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