Coronavirus, third investigation by the Court of Auditors in Umbria: now investigates the agreement between the Region and private health



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Three out of three. After the first two files on the field hospital in Bastia Umbria and the purchase of 15 thousand tests lancing, the Court of Auditors of Umbria has opened another investigation into the third pillar of emergency management COVID-19 by the League ‘s junta of Donatella Tesei: the agreement between Region and private health which in mid-April allowed to move extra-covid care from public hospitals dedicated only to the health emergency to private clinics. In recent days i Nas, to whom the investigation was delegated, acquired documents at the headquarters of the Umbria region and that of the Perugia hospital.

In the sights of the Prosecutor of the Court of Auditors, Rosa Francaviglia, resolution 277 of 16 April and the framework agreement between the regional council and two associations (the Aiop and the Aris Umbria) which group together some private clinics to restore surgical activity suspended with the outbreak of the pandemic. This practice was also implemented in other regions of Italy and was based on the decree law of 17 March according to which private structures, at the request of the regions, were able to make available “the health personnel on duty, as well as the locals and the facility present in the aforementioned structures“.

The goal of the regional council was to lean on private to make patients no-covid could continue the treatment. The commissioner Luca Coletto had illustrated the new agreement motivating it with the need to make the beds available and “transfer and treat” i patients they needed interventions of non-delayable surgery, non-deferrable medical and rehabilitation assistance. For surgery the Asl Umbrians have made their doctors available. According to the agreement, the remuneration in cases of surgical interventions was cut by 20% because the staff belongs to public facilities while for the other cases the rate the full one remained.


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In the crosshairs of the accounting courts have ended precisely i contracts signed with the associations who manage the four clinics (in particular the “price list” of the interventions), the performance provided by doctors of the public facilities and also the duration of the agreement which should end with the end of state of emergencyor January 31, 2021. The regional junta will deal with the issue on Wednesday to understand whether to go ahead with the agreement, despite the investigation.

The Prosecutor of the Court of Auditors in the past weeks Umbrian had already opened two files on emergency management: the first concerned the field hospital in Bastia Umbria (Perugia) from 30 intensive care places set up thanks to the 3 million donated by Bank of Italy and that on June 30th it may no longer serve; the second was opened on the purchase of 30 thousand rapid tests, half of which were purchased with direct credit from the Vim spa without first having tested them and then less reliable than expected.

For this, the new investigation has sparked the political controversy: “After the field hospital and the test serological, this is the third investigation in three months of the accounting judiciary on the work of the Giunta Tesei: an enviable milestone – he says to the group leader Pd in the region, Tommaso Bori -. As promised, the Northern League administration imitates the Lombard modelbut more on the themes court than on those health“. Idea also shared by the president of Audit committee of the M5S, Thomas De Luca: “After rapid tests and a field hospital, yet another investigation concerning the management of the power of the League in Umbria and that shows how our doubts are not political exploitation but legitimate claims of transparency – He says -. The public stays at the stake while the Region makes agreements with the private and the hospital companies do not restart in the total absence of reorganization“.

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