“Coronavirus, there will be no second wave”: the announcement of the Nobel Prize


ROME – “In most European countries and the United States, it appears that the rate of new cases and the mortality rate are gradually decreasing, even though people have started going out again, going back to work and interacting more“. Interviewed by AdnKronos Salute, Bruce Beutler, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2011, it is sure that the world will not have to deal with a second wave of the Coronavirus: “Along with lockdowns, changes in behavior (social distancing, use of masks) appear to have had protective effects. The population is not as vulnerable as in the beginning, when none of these measures had been taken. This is true, although currently only a small percentage of the population has been infected. But all this leads me to think that there will be no second wave“.

Coronavirus, the data in Italy of 11 June

“Only the vaccine will extinguish the pandemic”

All the basic prevention measures that we have implemented will not be enough to completely eliminate the virus, and everyday life for everyone will certainly remain more uncomfortable than before. It is very likely that only one vaccine effective will be able to completely extinguish the pandemic“, goes on Beutler, awarded the important recognition with the colleagues Jules Hoffmann is Ralph Steinman by virtue of the work done on dendritic cells and their role in adaptive immunity, through which he revealed how our body defends itself from external attacks (the immune system).

“Vaccine in early 2021”

There are realistic opinions that the vaccine could be produced on a large scale from the beginning of next year. However, there is no certainty in this regard. Will it give complete protection? This is still not entirely clear. Many vaccines offer long-lasting protection (decades or even longer), others protect only for a short time. Since a vaccine does not yet exist, we cannot know. Infected people who have had a strong antibody response are probably less likely to contract the disease a second time and can conferherd immunity‘, effectively protecting others, because they are no longer able to be greasers. But as with the vaccine question, there is still not enough experience to know the degree or duration of immunity“, continues the world-renowned immunologist.

Asymptomatic, healed and outdoor infections

On the possibility that asymptomatics can infect others: “Yes, however, an asymptomatic person is probably less infectious than a symptomatic one. Undoubtedly, moreover, many people have had Covid-19 infection and have recovered, they have never been diagnosed “. Is there a risk that the healed can present long-term damage? “In severely affected people who survive the infection, lung damage can be permanent and disabling“. Finally, it is”sure that it is possible to get infected even outdoors, even if the probability is significantly lower than in an enclosed space“.


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