Coronavirus, the virologist Crisanti against WHO: “The new guidelines? All these messages without consistency only create confusion”



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New criticisms ofWorld Health Organization after this, on Sunday, he again updated the guidelines on the fight against coronavirus explaining, among other things, that to exit self-isolation you no longer need a double buffer negative at least 24 hours apart and after that three days without symptoms the patient can consider himself healed. This time, the leaders of the UN agency are attacking Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Molecular and Virological Medicine of the University of Padua, who interviewed Agora, on RAI-3, spoke of “Another element of confusion”.

WHO, which represents a point of reference on the management of health issues for countries around the world, has been the subject of harsh criticism in recent months: from the importance or not of the use of masks at the time in declaring coronavirus one pandemic, up to hesitations on the transmission of the virus by asymptomatic subjects. “All these messages that they lack consistency they leave journalists in you, but also in the world of science and public health with a bit of bewilderment, “continued the virologist. Who then went into the merits of the claims, focusing mainly on the issue of the double buffer and the three-day ‘bearing’: “I don’t know on what basis they made this statement. In this epidemic – he continues – the WHO did not shine for timeliness and accuracy. Science is measure, if there is no data, it is not science“. The statement “had to be qualified”, because “we now ask ourselves what the various governments must do”.


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To confirm this there is also the letter that a few hours later the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, sent to the technical scientific committee asking to deepen the new guidelines because they could affect the provisions in force in Italy, “Without prejudice to the principle of utmost precaution that has guided us so far. ”

In recent weeks a new wave of criticism had hit the organization led by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, when the head of the anti-Covid-19 technical team, Maria Van Kerkhove, he had said, making yet another reverse with respect to the positions of the UN Agency, that it is rare that an asymptomatic person can transmit the coronavirus. Protests by numerous virologists and the organization’s new back-front, with the expert forced to rectify saying she was “misunderstood”. Crisanti, returning to the topic, says that transmissibility from asymptomatic cases is proven by scientific studies conducted to I go to Euganeo: “From the serological survey conducted in Vo ‘Euganeo – he specifies – it was seen that there were 150 people infected on 22 February. If it is true that the virus entered it in the third week of January, how is it possible that nobody went to hospital until February 20? How was it transmitted if not by those who had no symptoms? For measles and chicken pox, asymptomatics are much more infectious than symptomatic. And also the transmission of tuberculosis in 80% of cases is done by asymptomatics. Also because if a person is sick and in bed he has less chance of meeting others and passing on the disease “.

The virologist then goes on to speculate what the i might be future risks for Italy, while the country that continues to experience a phase of regression of the virus. And one of them is the danger of new infections from abroad: “For Italy, the risk of new infections coming from outside is not a possibility, but a certainty – he continued – We have recently experienced this in Padua, where a caregiver has returned from outside the European Union and has infected the whole family “. And on the studies that speak of one virus mutation that it would weakened replies: “They are not reliable because they are based on impromptu observations and not on an experiment. To understand if it is true we need to infect an animal and see what happens, but for now we do not have an animal model to understand it ”. It is true, he added, that people who get sick do not get sick as before, but this “happens because we have a mask and distance that reduce the viral load”. Also because, if it is true that “the virus changes from us, it should also change in America and Germany, yet we see a situation of contagions that does not leave us thinking about this”.

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