Coronavirus, the second wave will be in December. Experts anticipate what will happen from July onwards


The comparison between the experts continues. The second wave of the coronavirus epidemic could come in December. Francesco Le Foche, head of the immunoinfectivology day hospital at Umberto I in Rome, expresses himself in this way Corriere della Sera. To the hypothesis of a new wave in the fall, he replies: “The virus must have time to raise its head after being stopped by the lockdown”.

Second wave, the forecast: there will be in December

«In July circulation will probably be even more reduced than now. I don’t think that in September-October the epidemic would already be able to recover due to the limited time span, I would move the arrival of the second wave in December, with the cold “.
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The “return” from the virus will be less fierce

The emergency of the past few months could remain a unicum. “I don’t think we will go back to having such a tragic experience. I think more of a second wave comparable to that produced by a strong flu that is a serious disease, let’s not forget, with important complications and fatal outcomes. We have had flu outbreaks characterized by a lethality similar to that of Covid, “says Le Foche.

«We find less aggressive syndromes in new patients»

The coronavirus, some speculate, has become less “bad”. “Judging by the genome sequencing, it hasn’t changed. But we find less aggressive syndromes. The new patients are doing well enough that one could think of a new expression of disease to call Covid like, Covid-like. Mild symptoms, little fever that doesn’t go away for days. But the buffer remains negative because the viral load is low and positivity is not detected ».

“The virus has no interest in killing the host”

“The virus may have found cohabitation with the human cell it infected. A peaceful coexistence that was established with the lockdown. His interest has now become that of not killing the guest, because he has to survive and has no interest in killing him. ”

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