Coronavirus, the Region has miscalculated: “The positives are less than a fifth of those declared”


Sorry, we were wrong. The Region suddenly discovers that the number of people currently infected in Sicily is much lower than that which was still disclosed by the National Civil Protection until 18: just 153 among hospitalized patients and home isolation, compared to 637 in the bulletin issued by Rome today afternoon and the 805 reported by the Region in yesterday’s calculation. According to the technicians of the Region, a starting error – probably due to the double counting of some patients in the initial phase – and to the failure to register a part of the healed during work.The fact is that today, at the end of the recounts, the result is sensational. And it is the result of a comparison between two data: “From the beginning of the emergency – Palazzo d’Orléans specifies in a note – Sicily, scrupulously following ministerial guidelines, in addition to transmitting data from laboratories to Civil Protection , from the hospitals and the departments of the ASP, he uploaded the records on a computer platform prepared by the Higher Institute of Health “. Now the two databases have been crossed and “progressive clinical healings of citizens who have been individually checked and buffers” have emerged. The new data will be sent to Rome tomorrow. But in the meantime the Region rejoices: “Sicily – reads a note – is one step away from being Covid free territory”. With a note: “Attention – say from the Region – we are careful not to lower the tension. The virus is still among us. ”

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