Coronavirus, the radiologist Borghetti: “In the autumn? A new wave is difficult”


Maurizio Borghetti, radiologist at the Crema hospital
Crema, June 2, 2020 – Many people are stirring the specter of the return of the pandemic in September, if maximum attention is not paid during the summer. This is not the opinion of the radiologist at Crema hospital, Maurizio Borghetti, first to announce the attenuation of the virus. “There are those who foresee new waves in the autumn. In my humble opinion it is better not to venture into catastrophic predictions. The epidemics have always occurred after years, if not decades. “Borghetti also has some questions about the incidence of the virus:” Let’s pretend that Lombardy was hit because it was less “good” than the other regions. If so, it is strange that the city of Milan has been relatively spared. To date, the data say that Covid is still present; how come it hasn’t been able to cause serious illnesses for at least a month and the new cases are practically only related to asymptomatics detected due to an increase in the number of swabs? “.

So Professor Zangrillo, who says the virus has disappeared, would be right? “Professor Zangrillo’s statements are far too optimistic, although supported by very encouraging hospital data. I’m not baffled, but a little surprised by the reactions. I see that it continues in the same direction, based on the misunderstanding of the term ‘case’ in turn related to positivity to the swab. In recent weeks, pneumonia detected by CT scans has been few and not serious. There were days without pneumonia in May. “

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