Coronavirus, the number of new admissions to the Ospedali Riuniti of Reggio Calabria rises to 4: 3 are of the same family [DETTAGLI]


4 June 2020 20:55

Coronavirus, the bulletin of the United Hospitals updated to today 4 June

The Company Management of the Great Metropolitan Hospital “Bianchi Melacrino Morelli” of Reggio Calabria announces that today 151 subjects have been screened for CoViD-19. Nobody tested positive.

There are 4 patients with CoViD-19 currently in the hospital, 3 of whom belong to the same family. All are hospitalized in ordinary hospital stay. These are subjects already tested positive who were under compulsory home isolation and for which the A.S.P. of Reggio Calabria has ordered, for various reasons, hospitalization. The clinical conditions of the patients are of no concern.

16 patients died (three more deaths were registered outside the Reggio Calabria hospital). 69 are discharged because they have recovered.

The Company Management of the G.O.M. continues to recommend that all citizens respect the measures of prevention of contagion with the same civic sense shown so far. In particular, we remind you to respect the interpersonal distance as well as to maintain responsible social behavior to protect everyone’s health.

For information, or in case of suspicious symptoms, you are urged not to go to the emergency room, but to contact the toll-free number 1500 of the Ministry of Health and the toll-free number 800 76 76 76 of the Calabria Region.

Coronavirus, in Calabria “0 positive” for the 8th consecutive day but in Reggio there are 3 new hospitalizations [DETTAGLI]

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