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Coronavirus: the latest news from Italy and the world related to the world of sport

The latest updates on sport, from Italy and the world, related to the coronavirus emergency.

02.02 pm – Wta Lawler: “It’s difficult to go back to playing without a vaccine”

“For me, it will be very difficult to travel and play without a vaccine. The organization does everything humanly possible to play, but the fact that it is a world sport complicates everything. If the US Open will be played, then it will touch also to other tournaments “. This is the opinion of the President of the women’s tennis circuit.

13.58 – Benevento, Vigorito: “Stop relegations? I will meditate on the consequences”

“We have not enrolled in a system of conjurers, in which hypotheses and theses appear and disappear suddenly. Ours is a gradual concern. We just have to wait and find out if there was the trick: with the promotion I will be happy, otherwise I will meditate on the consequences “. These are the words of the patron of Benevento, first in the standings in Serie B with 20 points ahead of Crotone. The hypothesis of a stop to relegation in the event of a new interruption of the Serie A obviously does not appeal to Campania, who already feel with one foot in the top league.

13.02 – Manchester United, Rashford: £ 20 million raised for poor children

The Manchester United striker was the promoter of a very successful fundraiser, thanks to which it will be possible to guarantee meals for children living in poverty, unfortunately increased in the last period due to the Covid-19 emergency. These are the words of the 22 year old from Manchester: “I started by donating 50 thousand pounds, in one week we were 7 million, today at 20. I did it because if the emergency had happened 15 years ago I would have found myself in their same difficulties “.

12.01 – Vietnam: football resumes with the stadiums open to the public

Yesterday, after almost 3 months of stop, the football championship in Vietnam resumed. The authorities decided not to ban public access, which crowded the stands regularly. The country, although bordering on China, has registered only 328 cases and a single death since the start of the pandemic; very low numbers, on which there is more than a few doubts.

11.35 am – France, Football Federation: “10 million euros lost for Covid”

During an interview with L’Equipe, the President of the French Football Association, Noel Le Grat, quantified the losses suffered as a result of the Blues matches skipped due to the Covid-19 emergency at 10 million euros.

11.05 am – Rugby, Australia: Dave Rennie accepts the engagement cut

The Australian national team coach, New Zealander Dave Rennie, has accepted a 30% reduction in engagement due to the coronavirus crisis. The salary cut will be in effect at least until September.

10.56 am – Caferin writes to Aulas: “Championships to be concluded by August 2nd”

The President of Lyon has not yet resigned himself to the early closure of Ligue 1. For this reason Jean-Michel Aulas, in the hope of winning the appeal presented to the Council of State, wrote a letter to the President of UEFA asking him to move forward the championship closing date. Ceferin replied that he could not grant a derogation: “At this stage we cannot modify it and we hope that it will be officially confirmed at the meeting of the Executive Committee on June 17. In fact, in order to guarantee equal treatment between the 55 affiliated federations, we do not we can take into account the specific situation of each country and the decisions of the competent bodies involved. Therefore, we ask all Federations to respect the above deadline “

09.10 am – Brazil, Rio State: football restarted

The Rio State government has authorized the resumption of football behind closed doors starting today. The measure was decided by Governor Wilson Witzel. Starting from July, on the other hand, matches with open doors are scheduled, but with a third of the capacity of the stadiums. The Rio State Football Association has called a virtual meeting today to decide on the resumption of the championship.

08.50 – Greece: Xanthi-Atromitos Athens postponed

The Greek Super League has decided to postpone the match between Xanthi and Atromitos Athens scheduled for Sunday. Experts are concerned about a possible outbreak in the Xanthi region and the League has decided to postpone the match as a precaution to complete the tests.

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