Coronavirus: the mayor of Bergamo attacks: “Lombardy Region secrets death data by province” – La Stampa


«I read that in Lombardy yesterday there were 32 deaths for Covid. However, it is not known where, in which province, because the Lombardy Region no longer communicates the divided data. Ever since we reported that the real deaths were many more than the “official” deaths, they have secreted the data by province “. It is a frontal attack on the Lombardy Region, the one brought in the morning by the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori.

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«Not even the data on the healed are more communicated», Gori continues in a second tweet, «and yes they would be important to understand that today there are few sick people. I hope that the new Director General of Health, Marco Trivelli, starts from here, from the data and from the transparency ».

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A tweet taken from the deputy of the Democratic Party, Maurizio Martina, who asks for transparency: “I join the request of the mayor of Bergamo: the Lombardy Region provides with great transparency the data of the deaths and the recovered for each territory in a precise way”.

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