Coronavirus, the leader of the Amazonian natives died: in the 80s he saved the Forest from speculation


The charismatic indigenous chief of the Amazon, Paiakan, died after contracting the new coronavirus: activists for the protection of the rainforest said so. Paiakan, who became famous for leading the fight against the Belo Monte hydroelectric project in the 1980s, died in a hospital in Redencao in northern Brazil, said Gert-Peter Bruch, founder of the Planet Amazone environmental group. Paiakan, who was about 65 years old, was a leader of the Kayapo people. He made alliances with other indigenous groups, international activists and celebrities, and was a main organizer of the Altamira rally, a 1989 conference that brought together opponents of the Belo Monte project and managed to convince the World Bank to withdraw funding, although the project then went on until 2011. On his past only one stain, the denunciation for sexual violence of a non-indigenous student, an accusation according to some made to art to hinder his battles. Coming close to the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, he was fighting against the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s plan to open the protected lands of the Amazon to agriculture and mining exploitation.

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