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9.42 am – Toward EU list for admission of citizens of 15 third countries The European Union is drawing up a list of 15 countries outside the EU block whose citizens will be admitted to the EU on Wednesday. This was stated by the Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laya, on the radio Cadena Ser. This is not a way of being kind or not with other countries, but an exercise in responsibility, said Gonzalez Laya. Among the countries under discussion there is also Morocco, whose government does not intend to reopen its borders before 10 July. In addition, he added, the EU is considering accepting travelers from China if Beijing does the same by allowing Europeans to enter from July 1st.

9.34 am – Johnson: Returning to austerity would be a mistake. Times are difficult, we need a Rooseveltian approach
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said returning to austerity would be a big mistake. In an interview with Times RadioJohnson said it was easy to sense how difficult it will be to get out of the coronavirus crisis. Millions of citizens have lost their jobs and the United Kingdom has suffered a collapse in GDP. But we’ll get out. We cannot simply withdraw. In the coming months, we will double our efforts for our programs, which concern all investments … To bring the country together, he said. The prime minister said this is the time for a similar approach to Roosevelt’s for the economy. Johnson added that a massive school investment program will soon be introduced: We can’t respond to inequalities if children don’t return to class. Of course, he admitted, the crucial issue remains the management of specific outbreaks, should they break out. Questioned about the decision not to To fire his chief adviser Dominic Cummings, Johnson replied that it is not yet the right time to judge the government for how it acted during the pandemic.

9.22 am – Australia, experts divided on masks on the plane
Public health experts are divided on recommendations to airlines regarding the obligation to wear masks on board, and in Australia the airlines have adopted different lines on the subject. Qantas and Virgin make flight schedules more frequent and both provide passengers with optional masks, while Regional Express forces them to wear them. Masks are optional according to Australian government health regulations.

9.13 am – Record 20 thousand cases in India, States reintroduce lockdown New record of confirmed cases of coronavirus contagion in India, with almost 20 thousand in one day, while several states have imposed new partial or total lockdowns to stem the spread of Covid-19. The Ministry of Health recorded 548,318 infections in the country, nearly 100,000 more in a week. India is the nation most affected after the USA, Brazil and Russia. The confirmed deaths are 16,475, while the people recovered 321,723. Meanwhile, Assam has again imposed a total lockdown until July 12 following the increase in the number of cases. However among the hardest hit states, including Maharastra and Delhi, most of the restrictions have been eased and restaurants, shopping malls and parks have reopened, as have public buses and shared transports have started circulating again.

8.48 am – Lopalco epidemiologist: If virus circulates freely
will increase the viral load
If the virus circulates freely, its viral load will increase. The epidemiologist at the head of the task force of the Puglia Region, Pier Luigi Lopalco, said Agor on Rai3. The virus basically the same, we have no evidence that it is different. changed – for – its circulation. There are fewer carriers, mostly asymptomatic with lower viral loads, he added. This is not to say that we must circulate it freely otherwise it will regain its circulation and increase viral load, he added. A well managed and quickly circumscribed outbreak are not worrying.

8.09 am – Maw, vaccine does not guarantee herd immunity in the USA
The vaccine may not be enough to give the United States a flock immunity against the pandemic. So the site of the CNN, citing Anthony Fauci. The epidemiologist leading Mike Pence’s task force against the epidemic would settle for a 70 to 75% effective Covid-19 vaccine, but that this protection is incomplete, along with the fact that many Americans say they will not be vaccinated against the coronavirus, makes it unlikely that the US will reach enough immune levels to quell the epidemic. With government support predicted that three Covid vaccines will be studied in large-scale studies over the next three months. The best we’ve ever had measles, which is 97 to 98% effective, said Fauci. It would be wonderful if we got there, but noon I think we will get there.

8.01 am – The Mayor of Alzano: We learned to be a community Those months have been a long, endless night for us. These are the words of the mayor Camillo Bertocchi of Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo) al Corriere della Sera. In March alone in Alzano we had 108 deaths, compared to an average of 11 in previous years. This is why it is difficult for us to leave, he explains. The first memory related to the emergency? The middle weeks of March have been dramatic for healthcare management. But the worst was the lack of oxygen, if I think about it, I still get chills. They phoned me: my father no longer has oxygen, he cannot breathe. General practitioners were confused and we took on the task of finding masks and gloves from all over the world. And then there were the ambulance sirens that rang outevery hour. There was never a solution of continuity to pain, suffering, worry and the need to get busy. As for the investigations opened by the judiciary on the same hospital in Alzano and the lack of red zone, I especially feel the desire to be united … Everything requires prudence: for us there is still a great fear of falling back into that emergency. There is a desire to start again but with the awareness that it is not easy. And he concludes: There is also the sudden lack of many people who were reference figures for the community. another emergency, little told but equally dramatic. There is a need to fill the gaps to return to work together.

7.44 am – Twelve contagions in China, seven in Beijing
China has twelve new cases of contagion, seven of which in Beijing where an outbreak emerged in the city’s main wholesale food market in recent weeks, which has caused 311 infections. Today’s figure is down compared to the 17 infections recorded yesterday nationally, 14 of which in the capital. The alert remains high in the areas around Beijing, starting from the city of Anxin, about 140 kilometers from Beijing, where an outbreak occurred that led the authorities to put about 500 thousand people in isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 83,512 infections have been recorded in China, while 4,634 have died.

7.25 am – Brazil, more than thirty thousand new cases in one day
Brazil has 30,476 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours and another 552 deaths, the ministry of health announced. In total, there are 57,622 victims of coronavirus in the country and 1,344,143 confirmed cases (the map of infections in the world).

7.16 am – South Korea: 42 new infections in 24 hours
South Korean health authorities have reported 42 new coronavirus cases within 24 hours on Sunday, June 28, confirming the trend in the country for a few weeks. The country’s health experts are concerned about the detection of outbreaks in different cities of the country, and no longer only in the Seoul metropolitan area. The total number of infections in South Korea since the beginning of the health emergency has increased to 12,757, while the deaths caused by the virus in the country are 282. The attention of the health authorities remains focused on the outbreaks active in the Greater Seoul metropolitan area, where there is a fear of a second wave of contagions, just as the national school system tries to restart.

7.08 am – Almost 502,000 deaths worldwide
There are more than 500,000, almost 502,000, deaths worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the latest update from Johns Hopkins University (Jhu), there are 501,893 deaths, of which 125,803 in the United States alone, the country most affected by the pandemic. Here, according to what emerged from Jhu data, there were 288 deaths in 24 hours. Globally, infections have exceeded 10 million and 10,145,791 cases have been ascertained so far, 2,548,996 of which in the US (this is how the virus is spreading around the world: the map).

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