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9.38 am – Fontana: worried about the infections? No, now targeted swabs
Not worried, with the gradual reopening, of the numbers of the contagions in Lombardy the governor Attilio Fontana. Right now we are going to look for people who may have the infection he explained on the sidelines of the reopening of the Dal Verme Theater in Milan during the night. The reason for the number of positives in Lombardy, therefore according to the President of the Region, also depends on the fact that targeted swabs are being made.

9.32 am – Bonetti: universal check starting from January 2021
The universal allowance for all children goes towards simplification. I hope that it will be active from January 2021 and will enter the pockets of Italian parents every month. The Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Elena Bonetti Family, guest of Omnibus, said so.

9.11 am – Stock Exchange: Europe, heavy opening, Paris -2.53%
Heavy opening for the main European stock exchanges. Paris yields 2.53% to 4,716 points, Frankfurt 2.41% to 11,661 points and Madrid 2.64% to 7,100 points. London is slightly more cautious (-2.14% at 5,975 points) (here all the details).

9.05 am – Berlin: travel alert for Italy
Last night, the German government removed the travel alert for 27 European countries, including Italy and France. It is an act that reopens tourist flows between Germany and a large part of Europe. The so-called depreciation, also imposed with respect to the Schengen area due to the Coronavirus on 17 March last, is replaced by notices for the various countries. Some countries still have to wait: as in the case of Spain, Finland and Norway.

9.02 am – Borsa, Milan opens sharply, -3.05%
Start of session in sharp decline for Piazza Affari on the first day of the week. The Ftse Mib index drops 3.05% to 18,320 points (here all the details).

8.23 am – From 1 July Egypt reopens to tourism
Flights to and from Egypt will resume from July 1st, and the tourist season will start again with great caution. The Egyptian civil aviation minister, Mohamed Manar, said according to the Mena agency, announcing the resumption of connections with the countries which in turn will open their airports from here to next month. The hotels will also reopen, forced to halve the number of guests to ensure safety and distance. Airport operations will gradually resume – added the minister -. The planes will be completely sterilized and disinfected on each leg. The use of mandatory masks for passengers and crew. Disinfectants, gloves and masks will be provided on the plane, he said. Obligatory masks also at the airport, where the spacing and temperature must also be respected. Before boarding the plane at the airport of departure, the traveler must sign a declaration relating to his contacts and his state of health. Travelers from countries declared by the World Health Organization as countries at risk will have to bring with them the result of tests carried out within 48 hours prior to the date of departure.

7 am – EU again without borders
From today, most restrictions on travel and invitations not to travel fall in Europe. Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic also lift the restrictions. And Italy returns to hope in tourism. 25 Italian airports are operational from today; flights to Fiumicino and Malpensa increase.

7 am – Starting today the Immuni app
The figure of coronavirus infections in Italy remains stable: an additional 338 in one day, 72% of which in Lombardy. Another 44 deaths, down. The Immuni app is now active across the country. In the meantime, cinemas, theaters and arcades are reopening today. And the school also reopens, with the first plenary meeting of the commissions for the final exam.

06.55 – 10 more quarters of Beijing in quarantine, the dead rise in the USA
Another 10 neighborhoods in Beijing have been quarantined after the Chinese capital has registered 36 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours. In the US, another 382 died in a day, about 116 thousand in total. In Latin America, deaths approach 80,000. Alarm of the intensity of contagions in Panama.

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