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8.10 am – France reopens to non-Schengen countries from July 1st
France will gradually reopen the non-Schengen borders from next July 1st. The Paris government reports. “This opening will be gradual, linked to the health situation of all third countries and in line with the agreements that will be taken at European level by then”, states a joint note released by the ministries of the interior and foreign affairs of Paris.

7.50 am – Governor Tokyo: 2021 Olympics will be safe
The Olympics in Japan, postponed until next year due to the coronavirus epidemic, will be safe. This was confirmed by the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, promising “a 120% effort” to ensure that the Games take place as planned. For the leader, who reapplied to lead the capital in next month’s elections, holding the Olympic Games will be the “symbol of human triumph” over the pandemic, even if they are held in a reduced format. The new start date has been set for July 23, 2021, although they will keep the wording Tokyo 2020, but according to some experts, it may be too early for them to be done safely. Koike reiterated his commitment to organize an event that is “safe and secure for athletes and fans from abroad as well as residents of Tokyo and Japan”.

7.05 am – In New Zealand zero new cases from 22 days
New Zealand continues to be a coronavirus-free country: for the 22nd consecutive day, no new Covid-19 infections have been recorded. Across the country it had 1,504 positives and 22 deaths.

6.36 am – New cases, Beijing neighborhoods in lockdown
New coronavirus cases have triggered the lockdown in several neighborhoods in Beijing. Eleven residential complexes in the south of China’s capital have been isolated due to a Covid-19 outbreak linked to the Xinfadi meat market, local officials said. Nine schools and kindergartens have been closed (Guido Santevecchi’s story: “Returning to China in the era of anxiety”).

05.27 – In the world over 425 thousand deaths
Worldwide, 425,000 deaths from coronavirus have been exceeded. According to data released byAfp, deaths reached 425,282. In Europe, Covid-19 killed 186,843 people. The US remains the most affected country with 114,643 deaths, followed by Brazil which overtook Britain by number of victims (41,828). In the United Kingdom there are 41,481 deaths. Italy ranks third, with 34,223 deaths (here is the map showing the development of contagion in the world).

03.40 – Latin America, 1,550,000 infections and 75,600 deaths
The pandemic in Latin America did not show signs of failure, given that in the last 24 hours the infections have increased by another 49,019 cases reaching 1,556,169, while the general death toll has reached 75,661 (+2,115). Analysts’ eyes continue to focus on Brazil, the country most affected by the region. Its contagions are now 828,810 (+25,982) and the dead 41,828 (+909), with which it ranks second in the world in absolute behind the United States. Peru (220.749 and 6.308), Chile (160.846 and 2.870), Mexico (133.974 and 15.944), Ecuador (45.778 and 3.828), Colombia (46.858 and 1.545) and Argentina (27.373 and 772) follow.

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