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9.09 am – Germany, 318 new cases and 18 deaths
Germany records 18 deaths and 318 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours. This is what emerges from the new bulletin of the Robert Koch Institute. The toll thus rises to 184,861 infections and 8,729 deaths since the beginning of the health emergency, while data from Johns Hopkins University speak of 186,506 cases and 8,736 deaths. The latest data coming from Germany show an improvement compared to yesterday, when 37 deaths and 350 infections were reported. In total, according to the Robert Koch Institute, about 170,700 people have been cured after contracting the infection. Bavaria, the most affected region, records 47,479 cases and 2,531 deaths, while the Berlin data speak of 7,082 infections and 206 deaths.

8.58 am – France, third corrective action under consideration
Today, a new corrective action is being presented to the French Council of Ministers, the third since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, which includes aid to the automotive, tourism and aerospace sectors. The text concerns the second response time to the crisis, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire told the microphones of the Rtl radio station yesterday, June 9. To support the sectors most affected by the health emergency, 45 billion euros have been released. Le Maire explained that more than 400 billion euros of aid had been included in the previous two maneuvers for a total amount exceeding 460 billion.

8.54 am – United Kingdom, shops reopen from 15 June
The Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the KingdomUnited, Alok Sharma, has confirmed that all stores will reopen from June 15th in England. According to Sharma, this decision will allow roads and streets across the nation to come back to life. Outdoor markets and car dealers have already reopened. From June 15, other stores will be able to do the same, as long as they comply with government guidelines. Thanks to the efforts of people across the country, we continue to meet the prime minister’s five criteria, and the virus transmission rate continues to remain below the unit, Sharma confirmed. This is the last step in the cautious reopening of our economy, added the minister. Sharma also said that in this new normal, we all have to get used to shopping while maintaining social distancing. Now is the right time to apply this principle to multiple stores. The Minister for Enterprise denied the possibility that pubs could reopen earlier than expected. We continue to follow our roadmap, according to which the first possible date for the opening of this type of activity on 4th July, reiterated Sharma.

8 am – Lombardy, change at the top of Sanit
In Lombardy there is a change at the top of health. Luigi Cajazzo, the former Lecco policeman who has been sitting in the general manager’s chair since May 2018, is assigned to another position. Corriere della Sera reports it today. Cajazzo will become deputy general secretary of the Region with responsibility for social and health integration. At the head of the sector, Marco Trivelli, 56 years old, historical manager of the Lombard health sector. The handover will be on June 18 (details here).

7.30 am – Over 7.2 million cases worldwide
There are 7,238,611 Covid-19 cases ascertained so far in the world; there are 411,277 dead, according to the Johns Hopkins University budget. The most affected country is the USA, with almost 2 million cases (1,979,850) and 112,006 people dead, Brazil in second place with 739,503 cases and 38,406 deaths (third in the number of victims after the United States and Great Britain).

7.27 am – South Korea, new increase in contagion cases
South Korean health authorities have reported 50 new cases of coronavirus over the past 24 hours, a worsening compared to the daily balance sheets for the past few days. The total number of infections in South Korea since the beginning of the health emergency has thus increased to 11,902. The attention of the health authorities remains focused on the outbreaks active in the metropolitan area of ​​Greater Seoul, where a second wave of infections is feared, just as the national school system tries to restart. As many as 40 of the 43 new cases of domestic transmission of the virus occurred in the capital area. In recent days, a viral outbreak has been isolated at a place of worship in Incheon and a logistics center for the e-commerce operator Coupang in Buncheon, a city east of Seoul. South Korean Health Minister Park Neung-hoo renewed the call for citizens to actively collaborate on health prevention measures.

5.18 am – In Latin America 1,403,000 infections and 69,000 deaths
again Brazil the star of the last 24 hours in the spiral of the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, where the infections reached 1,403,259 (+49,349) and the deaths are 69,190 (+2,238). what emerges today from an ANSA statistics on the basis of data from 34 Latin American countries and territories. By reversing the decisions announced in recent days, the Brazilian authorities have returned to provide – alongside the daily data – also the total number of infections, which are 739.503 (+32.091), and of the dead, 38.406 (+1.272). Followed by Brazil, Latin American leader, Per (203.736 and 5.738) and Chile (142.759 and 2.283). Countries with more than 5,000 cases include Mexico (120,102 and 14,053), Ecuador (43,378 and 3,642), Colombia (40,719 and 1,308), Dominican Republic (20,126 and 539), Argentina (23,620 and 693), Panama (16,425 and 393), Bolivia (13.643 and 465), Guatemala (7.055 and 252) and Honduras (6.327 and 258).

3.36 hours – USA, 819 dead in 24 hours
There are 819 coronavirus deaths in the United States in the past 24 hours, during which the number of infected people has risen by 17,300. what emerges from the data of John Hopkins University, according to which the infected are a total of 1,977,085 and deaths 111,876. The largest number of new cases was recorded in Texas (2,275), followed by California (2,170) and Florida (1,960).

12.30 am. Brazil, 1,272 deaths and over 38,000 new cases in one day
Brazil recorded 1,272 deaths from Covid-19 in one day: the toll from the beginning of the pandemic thus rose to 38,406. There were 32,091 new infections (thus 739,503 confirmed cases).

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