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9.02 am – Over 380 thousand deaths worldwide
The number of coronavirus deaths worldwide has exceeded the 380,000 threshold: what emerges from the updated count of the American university Johns Hopkins. The data published by the university indicate an overall balance of 380,318 deaths, while cases in the world are at an altitude of 6,382,951. The healed are 2,731,340. Meanwhile, the progression of the pandemic in Latin America continues without interruption, where in the last 24 hours the infections have risen to 1,089,479 (+45,018)

8.45 am – Via the regional borders Italy starts again. Contagion on the rise
From midnight the regional borders reopened and after about three months and 33,500 coronavirus deaths, the Italians are free to move around the country. The virus, however, was not defeated: in fact, against just 55 deaths, there was almost a doubling of infections, from 178 to 318 cases in a single day. Six out of ten in Lombardy, followed by Piedmont and Liguria. Eight regions without new patients. We did it with everyone’s sacrifice – announces the minister for institutional affairs Francesco Boccia – now the moment of protection of the economy and work. Austria ready to reopen to Italy in mid-June. In the early morning of reopening, queues in Messina for boarding to Calabria.

08.34 – In India record of infections in one day
There are over 200 thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus in India, to be precise 207,615. The New Delhi Ministry of Health reported this, giving news of 8,909 new cases in the last 24 hours, the biggest increase ever recorded in a single day since the beginning of the health emergency in the Asian country. Furthermore, compared to yesterday, there are another 217 deaths related to the pandemic that bring the total to 5,815.

08.31 am – Record deaths in Brazil
More than 1,200 deaths in one day. Brazil records a new sad record due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry of Health confirmed 1,262 deaths in 24 hours, the highest figure ever reported, and 28,936 new cases. In Brazil, 31,199 died from complications related to Covid-19 and 555,383 were the infections since the beginning of the health emergency. Sao Paulo was the worst affected with 118,296 cases, 6,999 of which were reported yesterday, and 7,994 deaths (327 confirmed yesterday). Brazil, with 210 million inhabitants, is the fourth country in the world by number of victims – after the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy – and the second most affected by the number of infections after the United States.

08.13 – Long queues for boarding ferries to Messina
Hundreds of people poured from the early hours of today to the ferry embarkations in Messina, Sicily. Checks and contingent departures from the island with hundreds of cars awaiting boarding for Villa San Giovanni.

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