Coronavirus, the investigation of the Public Prosecutor of Rome on the paid and never arrived ghost masks reaches Taranto


Five intermediaries, four cities and at least 11 million euros to recover. After Rome, Lugano and London, it now also lands in Taranto the investigation of Prosecutor of Rome on ghost masks in Lazio, beyond 7.5 million devices Ffp2 and Ffp3 purchased in March by the regional agency of Civil protection for 35.8 million euros and never reached their destination.

In the Apulian port city, yet another link in a very long chain of companies attributable to the order. It’s about the Internazionale Biolife srl, another company – like many in this affair – with just 10,000 euros of share capital, specialized in homeopathic products. Biolife drew the spotlight of the finance guard and prosecutors from Taranto, who are collaborating with the Roman magistrates, being one of the intermediaries despite being, at the same time, a direct supplier of the Lazio Region in another dpi supply contract.

All this while the May 31 the return plan through which the Roman woman has expired Ecotech srl, the direct recipient of the regional order, should have return the advance of nearly 14 million received between 17 and 20 March. But the Lazio Region – which is “injured party” – has so far seen going back only 1 million and 746 thousand euros, starting the process for the injunction.

“Follow the money”: the infinite supply chain of intermediaries – The story is complex. To what has been reconstructed so far from the documents in the possession of the Gico of the Gdf of Rome and by prosecutors Elena Neri and Paolo Ielo, the Lazio Region between 16 and 20 March awarded three orders to Ecotech which, thanks to the presence of a minority partner operating in ChinaPan Hongyi believed he could deliver the maxi-supply within a few days. When things went wrong and Pan pulled back, on March 27 the small company from Frascati, in order not to lose the job order, turned to two different companies: the Exor Sa, based in Lugano but directed by the Milanese Paolo Balossi, and Giosar Ltd, based in London but led by the Italian Stefania Cazzaro.

What has emerged only in recent days, however, is that around 3 April Exor in turn contacted a high Italian company, Internazionale Biolife, in fact, to find the devices from China. It is for this reason that now we are also investigating in Taranto. In recent days, the Swiss company has denounced the Apulian one and the local magistrates immediately alerted their Roman colleagues. This was after the Ticino authorities in Lugano had heard the top of Exor, collecting the depositions on the defaults of their supplier. In the middle, there is one Sgs certification invalid submitted on April 8 to the Lazio Region, which all the protagonists disown and which he should have tried the existence of the load of masks: thanks to this document, Ecotech has obtained the contract novation, initially revoked by Civil Protection.

The mystery of the price and the match in the hands of the supplier – What is surprising is that Internazionale Biolife was already a direct supplier of the Lazio Region. The company led by Giacomo De Bellis is Antonio Formaro had two contracts in place with the local civil protection: one of 17 million euro for 1 million gowns and 1 million coveralls stipulated on April 1; and above all, a € 13 million one for 3 million Ffp2 masks and 3 million surgical ones stipulated on March 27, the same day that Ecotech turned to Exor to “repair” its difficulties. So why not go directly to Biolife? “We ask it too”, they let the Taranto company know, contacted by, who says he is “available to the magistrates to clarify everything” and says that “we learned around April 20 that our devices were directed to the Lazio Region”.

Also because the presence of 3 intermediaries inevitably raised the price. How much? The financiers are at work. The contract between Ecotech and the Lazio Region speaks of a cost of € 3.60 per mask Ffp2; the same would have been sold by Exor to Ecotech for € 2.50 “excluded transport costs and commissions”, While Biolife would have sold Exor the same masks as soon as € 0.40 each (8.50 euros per box of 20). These are, it should be noted, fragmentary declarations and documents on which the Guardia di Finanza is working.

The advance never returned. And dpi ends up on the market – The fact is that the Lazio region lacks the return of 3,530,000 euros that Ecotech claims from Exor which in turn claims from Internazionale Biolife; of 4,740,000 euros that Ecotech asked Giosar back; and others 3,504,000 euros “The result of the sale of personal protective equipment” on the free market, as stated in one note dated 12 May of the Lazio Region. It is also on this aspect that the attention of the Roman magistrates is concentrated. Some reports reached Piazzale Clodio they speak of devices “similar to those ordered by the regional civil protection”, supplied “by one of the companies concerned”, which arrived in some pharmacies in the capital at prices higher than those described in the determinations. If confirmed, someone would have purchased the masks thanks to the advance paid by the Lazio Region and would now be selling them at higher prices, moreover with a profit margin conspicuous.

TO Republic, in recent days, the regional press office announced that “on May 21, the procedure for an injunction against Ecotech and cascading towards its suppliers was started”. TO speaks the civil lawyer of Roman society, Giorgio Quadri: “Giosar Ltd wrote to us several times stating that it would pay us. We have deposited everything at the pm. We remain confident, even if we haven’t seen a euro so far from them ”. Different the speech related to Exor: “We are in constant contact – says Quadri – They have us paid 1 million euros immediately, what remains we expected by May 22 but we know that they are taking advantage of their supplier. Last Saturday we received notification that the money had been loaded into their bank account, so we expect at least the conclusion of the dispute with them during the week “. Internazionale Biolife, on the other hand, reiterates: “We will return the money, we have nothing to hide. ”

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