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The Immuni app on your mobile (Ansa)
The Immuni app on your mobile (Ansa)
Genoa, 12 June 2020 – In Liguria identified the first 3 positive subjects with the Immuni app. There was “it unlocking of the first three codes of the Immuni app on three subjects found positive “, announced the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti at the point with the press on the coronavirus emergency. It happened during this week in Genoa.

Toti clarified: “It happened in the Genoese ASL 3 during the week. Three subjects who tested positive for the buffer were provided with the numerical code to give the alert in the Immuni app. So other users who have downloaded the app will be notified. I think it’s useful to keep tracking the infection and keeping it under control, “concluded the governor.

From Monday the use of the App will extend throughout Italy. Immuni is voluntary and bluetooth-based. Once downloaded, smartphones exchange automatically generated anonymous codes. When the healthcare facilities and the ASL find a new positive case, with the consent of the subject themselves, they enter a code in the system. The phones automatically match the codes and the notification is sent to the users with whom the positive case has been in close contact. The collected data is stored on individual devices and not on a central server.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte yesterday explained: “You can download it with security, serenity and tranquility, because it protects privacy, has a very strict discipline, does not invade private spaces “. The application has been available on digital stores since June 1st, and has been downloaded by 2.2 million people. Since June 8th it has been tested in Abruzzo, Liguria, Marche and Puglia and the use has been extended to some devices left outside.

Today Commissioner Arcuri said: “The 2 million and 200 thousand Italians who have already downloaded it have done so spontaneously. From Monday there will be a massive communication campaign. I want to reiterate that it is anonymous and will remain so until the end of its use and which is one fundamental component in the strategy to contain the pandemic in your country. We wanted and had to comply with the needs of privacy and took the least amount of time “.

But according to a Demos survey, only 38% of Italians has declared himself available to install it. And other tracking apps such as LOM alert from the Lombardy Region, downloaded by over 1.3 million people, were born in Italy, for initiatives by local institutions.

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