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For the United States, Covid-19 was born in Wuhan’s laboratories in China. For the Chinese some American soldiers brought him to Wuhan. The two hypotheses, as we tell you, could be connected

What if Covid’s first outbreak in the world was not in China, in Wuhan, but in the United States of America? We ask after having analyzed and lined up a series of strange coincidences.

But let’s start from the beginning. Officially, at least until today, Covid would have been born by bats present in large quantities in the caves of the south of China. Always in China, right in the metropolis of Wuhan, There is the research lab about the viruses from which, according to US President Donald Trump, Sars-CoV-2 would have emerged at the origin of the pandemic. For the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, however, the fault may lie with theAmerican army, present in large numbers in Wuhan in October 2019 during the military Olympics. The two circumstances, the Wuhan laboratory and the military Olympics, may have a connection.

Let’s see why. The Wuhan laboratory is classified from January 2018 to highest level of biological safety, level 4. We have discovered that there is more than one correlation between the Wuhan laboratory and similar American laboratories. Starting from that of Fort Detrick in Maryland which houses the two most important level 4 biosafety laboratories in the world. The first is the NIAID, the Federal Agency for Research on Infectious Diseases, run for 35 years by Anthony Fauci, one of the most influential immunologists in the world and today head of the American government task force to face the Coronavirus emergency. The other building houses Usamriid, the main American military center for research on countermeasures to be taken in case of “biological warfare”.

But what do these two laboratories have to do with that of Wuhan? To understand this, let’s take a step back and go back to China when in February 2018 the virology magazine of the Wuhan laboratory published a study on bat coronavirus. We are talking about a research carried out in Wuhan on samples of virus and human blood taken in the city of Jinning, more than a thousand kilometers away of distance. Chinese scientists, already 2 years earlier, would have discovered a new bat Sars Coronavirus that directly infects the human being without having to go through an intermediate host. In the Chinese study there are some phrases that suggest a possible correlation with today’s Covid-19.

The professor Matteo Bassetti, virologist of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, explains: “Chinese researchers went to evaluate 220 people who lived in the Jinning area and did a serological study. They have found six people who had antibodies to bat Sars Coronavirus“. We ask him if one of these viruses discovered in 2018 could be a progenitor of Sars-Cov-2 and Bassetti replies: “It cannot be excluded that it cannot be a progenitor, however, it was said at the beginning that this virus comes from bats, so it is clear that it could belong to the same viruses that had been previously isolated “. In short, the viruses isolated 2 years ago in Wuhan could be the grandparents or parents of covid19.

But it becomes even more interesting, as Basetti explains to us: “At the end of the same Chinese study the i research funders. Among these is the Fort Detrick Niaid, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of the United States, with a loan amounting to more than $ 3 million disbursed between 2014 and 2018 “. If we then go to see the list of members of the scientific committee of the Virology magazine of the Wuhan laboratory that published this study, we find nothing less than Professor Sina Bavari, the military scientist in charge of the American laboratory of Usamriid. So, as it turns out, the Americans would be both the financiers and evaluators of the Chinese study.

And that the American are personally interested in working on those viruses, this is demonstrated by the fact that in the Level 4 biosafety laboratories of Fort Detrick, which through Fauci and Bavari we have seen linked to Chinese research, special researches called “GOF” are carried out. It’s about “Function gain experiments” involving coronavirus respiratory syndrome, research suspended by Barack Obama in 2014 for security reasons and resumed only in 2017 with Donald Trump. Experiments concerning “the creation, transfer or use of pathogens with enhanced pandemic potential”.

In simple terms the dangerousness of the virus is developed and evolved for scientific purposes in order to be able to fight it with antivirals or vaccines. So the Americans in Fort Detrick may have studied the same viruses that the Chinese from Wuhan studied before them. Bassetti adds: “The laboratory to see if an antiviral works must have the virus or you must have a virus culture and test new drugs. Look at what happened for example with the Redemsivir, which is a drug that was developed for Ebola. It has shown that it has activity against Sars-CoV-2, because the researchers also tested the activity against this virus. ” In fact, on 8 March 2019 Professor Sina Bavari, Usamriid Scientific Director published a study on Redemsivir entitled: “Discovery of coronavirus broad-spectrum antiviral drugs”. A study in which claims that “these coronaviruses are associated with new respiratory syndromes”. In short, the bat viruses discovered in Wuhan with the funding of Niaid may have been among those studied and enhanced in Fort Detrick by Sina Bavari to test the Redemsevir.

We wonder if a virus of this kind, released in an inhabited area, could spread among the population. “It depends,” adds Bassetti, “it always takes a guest to pass it on. It is not enough that I spray it into the environment and somehow I take it. In other words, to be able to transmit themselves in some way, viruses need, as we said before, an intermediate host who can also be a human being ”. So why an epidemic breaks out there must be at least one infected human being to transmit the virus. Which is exactly what the Americans claim happened in Wuhan’s lab. But what if this transmission took place right in Fort Detrick?

TO July 2019 with an order from the CoC, the US Government’s Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Usamriid’s level 4 biological safety laboratory was closed due to a bio-containment incident. The news only leaked on August 2, as reported in the media: “The Fort Detrick laboratory has been closed indefinitely”. But the New York Times, 3 days later, adds a detail that gives the extent of the problem: in the closing order, the CoC justified it with “national security reasons” which is a way of putting the state secret on the matter and thus not giving explanations.

According to a local newspaper: “Usamriid received the letter with the order to cease all activities from the CDC on July 15 after an inspection in June.” But four days earlier, the ABC newscast said: “Tonight a deadly disease in Virginia resulted in two deaths and dozens of residents infected with a respiratory disease here in the Green Spring retirement community. In the past 11 days, 54 people have fallen ill with symptoms ranging from a bad cough to pneumonia with no key clues to how the sudden illness broke out. ” Two days go by and the strange one epidemic also appears in another nursing home nearby. It is always the news to tell it: “A mysterious respiratory virus hit a second nursing home in Fairfax County. ” The only clear thing at the moment is that, two days after the second epidemic a few tens of miles away, with an order from the CoC, the laboratory Usamriid’s level 4 biological security in Fort Detrick, Maryland, comes closed due to a bio-containment accident. It is always the news to tell the fears of the inhabitants of that area: “The inhabitants who live near Fort Detrick want to know why the top laboratory of Army Germ, one of the best known, was closed so quickly”.

In Fort Detrick, in fact, US scientists manage some of the most sensitive biological agents and conduct medical research within it. Research also on very dangerous viral cells, such as Ebola and Anthrax. Inside that laboratory, the American military were doing the same research on the same coronavirus-enhanced viruses found in the bats of China. So we can only ask ourselves a question: is there a correlation between Fort Detrick’s biocontainment leak and the abnormal epidemics inside the two Green Spring nursing homes? Just look at the map to see that close to the two rest homes, there is Fort Belvoir, a military hospital which among others also assists those of Fort Detrick. But how would the infection from Fort Belvoir get to the two rest homes? The fact is, that’s right this hospital also assists war veterans of the American military who also live inside the two rest homes. We show you some images, in which the marines are seen celebrating the numerous veterans of the Second World War in the retirement home of Burke for the anniversary of the foundation of their body. Can there therefore be a thread linking the bio-containment accident in Fort Detrick, the military hospital in Fort Belvoir and the retirement homes where the anomalous July epidemic occurs?

It is a question to which they also tried to answer the United States Congress. Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities have repeatedly said that the epidemic would have arrived in Wuhan with the soldiers of the American army who participated in the competitions of the “World Military Games 2019”, scheduled from 12 to 28 October. We obviously don’t know but from the American Armed Forces magazine we find out that some soldiers from Fort Belvoir participated in those Games. These include the first-class sergeant Maatje Benassi and the army captain Justine Stremick, who serves as an army emergency medicine doctor in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. So at least two athletes from the military hospital located near the retirement homes where there was the suspected epidemic in July would have gone to Wuhan for the October 2019 Olympics. But if even American soldiers unwittingly brought an enhanced virus in Wuhan, a first spread of the infection among the 10,000 soldiers present in the Olympic village.

So pay attention to the testimony of the military Matteo Tagliariol, who participated for our national colors in the Wuhan games in the fencing specialty. “At the end of October we were as Italian delegation to the world military games in Wuhan. Fatality after a few days, many people from the Italian delegation, and then I also found out from other delegations, fell ill with the flu. After a few days I had a lot of coughing. When I was there I went to the doctor, and the doctor told me that in those days there were a lot of people who had this flu virus, so much so that there were some problems with the stocks of medicines because the many athletes had requests. As for my apartment in Wuhan, all the athletes got sick and all of them with more or less the same symptoms and therefore, cough and we all had 2 or 3 days of very high fever, but after that she stayed between 37 and a half and 38 for a long time, more than two weeks. Nobody ever got sick with coronavirus again. ”

Truly a strange coincidence. The only thing that we seem to have understood in this whole story is that if the Sars-Coronavirus of the Jinning bat always present in nature, the ancestor of the laboratory-modified Covid-19, had remained in his cave, in the remote area rural 1,000 km away from Wuhan, perhaps it would never have infected anyone and perhaps it would have evolved in a completely different direction …

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