Coronavirus, the extension of the terms for the June payments for Isa taxpayers and flat rates is coming soon


The news was communicated directly by ministry of the treasure: the extension of the terms of the June payments for the taxpayers Isa, or the self-employed workers affected by the application of Synthetic Reliability Indices, including those participating in the flat-rate scheme. The payment deadline expiring on 30 June will be extended to 20 July, without payment of interests. “To take into account the impact of the Covid-19 emergency on the operations of smaller taxpayers and, consequently, on the operations of their intermediaries – reads the note of ministry of the economy and finance – the Dpcm is being issued which extends the payment deadline of balance 2019 and the first 2020 advance, for the purposes of income tax and VAT, for taxpayers affected by the application of the Synthetic reliability indices (Isa), including those belonging to flat rate scheme“.

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