Coronavirus, the bulletin: 6 regions without new deaths


    <h2>Updated data on the coronavirus emergency in Italy: infections, deaths and healings in the various regions</h2>


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    <p>I'm<strong> 88</strong> coronavirus victims in the past 24 hours in Italy, up from 71 yesterday. The latest reveals it <strong>bulletin</strong> on the pandemic spread by the Civil Protection at 6pm on Thursday 4 June. In Lombardy, 29 deaths were recorded on the last day, the same figure as yesterday. THE <strong>dead</strong> from the beginning of the epidemic they rise to <strong>33689</strong>.

The fall of the continues sick people of Covid-19: I am 38429, 868 less than yesterday, when the drop had been 596. The recovered and discharged rose to 161,895, an increase compared to yesterday of 957. On Wednesday the increase had been 846.

Patients hospitalized in intensive care in Italy I am 338, 15 less than yesterday. Of these, 125 are in Lombardy, 6 less than yesterday. There are 5,503 patients hospitalized with symptoms, with a drop of 239 compared to yesterday, while those in home isolation are 32,588, with a drop of 614 compared to yesterday.

And of 234013 the total number of infected for coronavirus in Italy, with an increase compared to yesterday of 177 cases. The figure currently includes positives, victims and healed. In Lombardy there are 84 more, a decrease compared to yesterday when they were 237, equal to 47.4% of today’s increase in Italy.

I’m you are the regions who have had no coronavirus casualties in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, the figure concerned 12 regions for the first time since the beginning of the emergency. In fact, data from the Civil Protection show that there were no deaths in Valle d’Aosta, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Sardinia, Calabria and Basilicata.

The swabs made so far are 4,049,544, an increase of 49,953 compared to yesterday. The cases tested are 2,524,788 so far.

Coronavirus, the photograph of the Istat-Iss report

It’s a’Italy at three speeds the one traversed by the Covid-19 epidemic, with a very limited spread in the southern regions and islands, on average higher in the central regions and very high in the northern regions. It is the portrait of the country that emerges from the second report of Istat is Higher Institute of Health (Iss) on mortality from the new coronavirus.

“Considering Covid-19 cases and deaths – reads the document – 75% of the reported cases and 82% of the deaths are in the provinces defined as high spread, 17% of the cases and 13% of the deaths in those with medium diffusion and respectively 8% and 5% in low diffusion provinces “.

According to the report the maximum number of cases was registered at March, 113.011, and the peak was reached on day 20; 94,257 cases were reported in April, “although many deaths occurred in the month concern people diagnosed in March.” The decline continues even more markedly in May, where there are 18,706 cases on day 25.

Finally, the report shows that the most affected by coronavirus in the first four months of the year were the women. Of the 209,013 Covid-19 cases diagnosed by April 30, 53.3% (111,452) affected the female sex.

The median age group is 60-64 years and women are 80% of the cases in the age group older than 90, also due to the clear female prevalence in this segment of the population.

The least affected are the very young, with 1% of cases reported in children under 14, 27% in boys between 15 and 49 years; the most affected are adults between 50 and 79 years (46%) and the elderly over 80 years (26%).

Coronavirus, the positive cases region by region

According to the data released by the Civil Protection, the currently positive are 20,224 in Lombardy (+0), 4,556 in Piedmont (-130), 2,688 in Emilia-Romagna (-151), 1,319 in Veneto (-68), 883 in Tuscany ( -90), 394 in Liguria (-120), 2,754 in Lazio (-64), 1,303 in Marche (-7), 830 in Campania (-39), 967 in Puglia (-69), 207 in the autonomous province of Trento (-15), 879 in Sicily (-1), 213 in Friuli Venezia Giulia (-20), 704 in Abruzzo (-32), 112 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (-8), 31 in Umbria (0), 108 in Sardinia (-38), 10 in Valle d’Aosta (-3), 102 in Calabria (-8), 125 in Molise (-2), 20 in Basilicata (-3).

Coronavirus, deaths region by region

As for the victims, they are in Lombardy 16.201 (+29), Piedmont 3,910 (+12), Emilia-Romagna 4,154 (+6), Veneto 1,934 (+13), Tuscany 1,059 (+4), Liguria 1,479 (+6), Lazio 750 (+7), Marche 988 (+1), Campania 420 (+5), Puglia 514 (+3), Autonomous Province of Trento 464 (+1), Sicily 276 (+1), Friuli Venezia Giulia 336 ( +0), Abruzzo 415 (+1), Autonomous Province of Bolzano 292 (+1), Umbria 76 (+0), Sardinia 131 (+0), Valle d’Aosta 143 (+0), Calabria 97 (+0 ), Molise 23 (+1), Basilicata 27 (+0).

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