Coronavirus, the ball came back and we missed it. But will we still be able to get excited about this football?


Three months, 13 weeks, 95 days, 2,280 hours, 136,740 minutes. Much has passed since the last time a game was played. Since then, there have been those who counted the seconds as well, those who simply are detoxifiedwho even hoped that football would never start again. Now the ball is back and, let’s face it, we had missed him, more or less at all. The numbers say it: the two semi-finals of the Italian Cup, Juventus-Milan is Napoli v Inter, great gala of the longed for recovery, were followed by 7-8 million spectators, with peaks of 34% share.

There is a mixture of relief, happiness, indifference, disappointment the day after shooting. Everyone lived it in their own way, a matter of sensitivity, personal emotions. All extremely subjective. What is objective is it show we attended: mediocre, inconsistent. Juventus-Milan was a typical game friendly August, low rhythms, zero shots on goal, resolved in those 30 seconds of chaos, amid the generous rigor granted by Var and wrong by Ronaldo and the Rebic’s madness punished with expulsion. Just better Napoli v Inter, bad copy of the bad match of the first leg, with the Nerazzurri of With you superior and wasteful, the team of Gattuso barricaded in defense, cynical to the point of earning the final with two shots on goal in two races.

Wednesday toOlympic for the last act we hope to see something more, a thrill, a feeling. The question, however, is whether this football is still on able to offer it to us. It is probably too early to ask, after all it was only the first game after three months of stoppage, with what was in the way, even the A league has all the necessary mitigating factors. The problem with these first 180 minutes, however, was not Cristiano Ronaldo tone down or Lautaro Martinez with the head on the market, not even the usual limits of Conte’s Inter or the stuttering game of Juve di Sarri. It’s all post Covid football that wasn’t the same thing: football without emotion and therefore unexciting.

That’muffled atmosphere, the rumble of the balloon or the voices of footballers in deserted stadiums, it is alienating: the Uefa has already started charging to allow access to at least one reduced fee of audience, broadcasters and companies study special sound effects and personalized choirs (but it would be a joke, like laughter in sitcoms). Pending developments, get used to it it will not be easy. The fan on the sofa is affected, but also the players on the field: we have seen two games a direct elimination, whose ending in a normal situation would have been throbbing instead not even a start. Maybe it will be because of this sporting season it ended three months ago: It can also be concluded because presidents have to cash out TV rights money and the balloon is a large industry which, like any other economic activity, needs to restart, but it cannot reactivate on command. It will take some time to rejoice over a goal or despair over a wrong penalty. Or maybe it’s not even a matter of time, it’s just that after the last three months we have learned to give one different hierarchy to the priorities of life.

Going back to seeing, commenting, playing a game was not trivial. It was a part of our life that was suddenly taken away from us, along with many other things, even much more important. Now that it is returned to us, we are happy to get our beloved ball back. But we will still manage to excite for this football?

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