Coronavirus – Spain, severe checks and high fines for bars and restaurants that do not comply with security measures


On June 21 the Spain it will exit the state of alert in which it plummeted from the first half of March. The government has officially announced that there will be no others extensions: so will be able to start that “new normal” that the Prime Minister Sánchez he has announced several times in his numerous press conferences. There desescalada with which the country has moved from region to region to loosen the lockdown while always maintaining constant attention to prevent the infections from returning to increase, he gave his fruits, but also created several hardships.

If in the first phase of confinement (between the second half of March and the beginning of May) the fines for those who ignored the restrictions they also reached 15 thousand a day, when the different regions started to move from phase 0 to phase 1 the number of fines decreased, but they also mainly addressed the business who did not respect the current legislation to protect customers is workers.

In the sights of the police national and local there were Cafe is restaurants: during the phase 1 in fact, it was possible to return to activity only for those who had open spaces available (gardens or areas of public land which in Spanish are called “terrazas”, ed.) and which could guarantee a distance of two meters between table and table, as well as all the measures needed to protect both patrons that waiters is cooks.

So how did i get organized? restaurateurs? “We adapted with a column with the hand sanitizing gel at the entrance of the room and we chose the electric model so no one has to place their hands on the dispenser – he explains to Carlo Santoriello, owner of the restaurant Donkilo, in the neighborhood Eixample of Barcelona -. All staff are equipped with masks and gloves; all the surfaces work tables, kitchen and customer tables are cleaned very frequently with one spray antibacterial; oil, vinegar, salt and pepper are in bags single-dose and disposable tablecloths for each customer. And we created a code QR to read the menu directly from our site and let’s give one placemat extra with the menu imprinted for those who cannot use the QR code ”.

The fines have been many in all Spain: the municipal police of Madrid, for example, in the first days of phase 1 (which began on May 25), he fined 41% of the premises that worked in the spaces outsideopen air inspected for not adequately following the regulations.
Don’t follow her to millimeter (in a figurative and literal sense, in this case) it can cost very dear to both the owner of the place and to the customers: if there are people standing in the open air spaces, fines range from 3,001 to 30,000 euros. In fact, they can be served sodas is food only to people seated and if they transgress or oppose resistance to the authorities and agents in the exercise of their functions, the sanctions range from 601 to 30 thousand euros. And for those who put at risk or cause a damage serious for the health of the population, not following the directives of the Ministry of Health or government regulations, may receive a fine between 3 thousand and 600 thousand euros, depending on the severity of the disobedience. Now that the whole country is in phase 2 (or 3), you can also eat inside the premises, which can only reach 40% of their total capacity. These days i controls continue to be many and very strict: the phases change, but the fines therefore they remain a constant presence.

With the arrival of summer, keep the distances and finding ways to continue with government-imposed security measures won’t be easy. Already from the first moment it was possible to return to attend Cafe is restaurants the reservations have been many: the desire to normality it is very strong, but without taking unnecessary risks that could cost much more expensive than a fine.

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