Coronavirus Sicily, the new quarantine rules: “free” those who arrived after 29 May


Stop quarantine, but under certain conditions. The general managers of the two departments of the Health Department, Mario La Rocca and Maria Letizia Di Liberti, have signed a circular explaining how to apply the quarantine regime to those who returned before June 3: if in fact who arrived from Wednesday in then he is not required to remain in self-isolation, those who have landed on the island even just the night before were required so far to wait 14 days and then to make the swab. It will no longer be so, provided that you have arrived after 29 and have verified with a telephone consultation with a doctor that you are not at risk.The Region starts from an assumption: “The median of the Covid-19 incubation period – reads the document – is 7-8 days. A nasopharyngeal swab performed excessively close to the time of infection would risk being negative “. Those who arrived on the island before Wednesday, therefore, are divided into two categories based on the date of arrival: before or after 29 May.
Those who arrived in Sicily before last Friday will be summoned for the swab: then we will have to wait for the negative result, of course, and finally we can exit. Those who arrived after that date will instead be able to follow a more rapid procedure: the Usca – the continuity units of assistance deployed for the Covid emergency – will make a telephone consultation and, if there are no elements attributable to the pandemic, it will be possible to interrupt the isolation . Several stances had arrived in recent days against the continuation of the quarantine obligation and a collection of signatures had started on

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