Coronavirus, second wave coming? Experts speak


Coronavirus, will there really be a second wave? Here are what three leading experts report. The general concern is for after the summer with the arrival of autumn.

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There will be a second wave, now we just need to understand times and proportions. This is, in principle, what the experts assure. Anthony Fauci for example, director of the United States National Institute for Infectious Diseases, he recalls “We will not return to normal for at least a year”, in that “The real solution is only the vaccine.”

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Coronavirus, expert opinion on the second wave

Interviewed by The print today on newsstands, the expert said so in view of a new epidemiological threat: Future infections are inevitable. You need to have staff, tests and resources to identify cases, isolate them and track contacts. If we do, when the infections happen we can prevent them from becoming a second wave. ”

Also calls on the alert Walter Ricciardi, member of the WHO and adviser to Minister Roberto Speranza: “We cannot be 100% sure of a massive return, but we also believe that the virus is unlikely to disappear on its own as happened with Sars “. The solution? Be ready. “We must equip ourselves with anti-seismic houses. And if the earthquake doesn’t get better like this“, Stresses the doctor.

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Professor is also on the same wavelength Curly Tersenghi, as reported by theANSA: “In the autumn, when we return to find ourselves in closed places, it is possible that the cases may start again. We cannot know what will happen when we gather in gyms, factories, offices and schools: what is certain that our behavior will be fundamental. However – concludes – I think it will be very difficult to defeat the virus without the vaccine. “

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