Coronavirus, Scanzi on La7: “Giorgia Meloni said she will not download the Immuni app inviting everyone to do the same. It is a very serious message”


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Giorgia Meloni said seraphically that she will not download the Immuni app and invited the Italians to do like her. This is a very serious message, because she is there 15% party leader and sends a totally opposite message to what was claimed by the experts and the scientific committee. It annoys me when a citizen makes a mistake, but it makes me deeply pissed when someone or someone who should lead by example is making a mistake and giving wrong messages. ” So at “Half past eight”, on La7, the journalist de THEl Daily Fact, Andrea Scanzi, comments on the statements by the leader of Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, that yesterday, speaking on the broadcast ‘It is not a country for young people’ (Radio Due), invited listeners not to download the app immune, because “it is an initiative made in violation of the procurement code and Italian regulations”.

Scanzi then mentions the case of the number of world tennis, Novak Djokovic, coronavirus positive result at theAdria Tour, beneficial tournament organized by him without resorting to anti-Covid precautions. And he adds: “Virologists have always fought even in February and even in that month there were the ‘tremendous’ and those who said that everything was fine. Most said it was all right. We trusted and made a mistake, me first. However, having the same debate in mid-June is doubly serious, because four months have passed and there have been tens of thousands of deaths. So, I believe that in doubt, which is what we live in now, it would be much better to leave a more ‘tremendous’ message than not a possibility. If in doubt, it is much better to be more careful. ”

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