Coronavirus, Salvini at TG4: “From Bersani disgusting phrases” | “Bicycle lanes in Milan? Radical stuff”


“If someone in the government of Rome had listened to Zaia and Fontana we would have had many less problems. Thanks would be more than threats,” said Salvini.

Bersani’s rejoinder “Of course I have used hyperbola. But a former Interior Minister who ridicules masks and distancing after a few days from the first red zone asked to open everything exposes himself to a judgment that, I repeat, for hyperbole, I absolutely confirm “. So Pierluigi Bersani (Leu) replies on Twitter to the criticisms of the League secretary Matteo Salvini.

Cycle tracks in Milan? Radicalchic stuff“Long live bicycles and scooters, but let’s not complicate the life of those who want to work. Here we are facing radicalchic living room environmentalism. The emergency of Italians is work”, continued the leader of the League, speaking on the controversies regarding new cycle paths in Milan. “I would like to know – he observed – who designed that cycle path on one of the busiest axes in Milan. Too many design errors: great risk for the health of cyclists. This is the result of living room environmentalism based on pressappochism and arrogance” .

Government, Salvini: Renzi? Difficult to stay behind his somersaults “Renzi says one thing on TG4 and changes his mind tomorrow morning: even for journalists it is difficult to keep up with his somersaults. They are fighting over everything. Unlike Renzi, I gave up seven armchairs. For us, Italy comes before the armchairs”, Salvini concluded.

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