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“I want to express my thanks for Spallanzani, for his doctors, for all his staff, for the researchers, for everything that is carried out here of precious activity, which at this moment receives greater attention but which constantly also in the periods of minor attention is important and precious for our country “. These are the words of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, visiting tonight at the Roman Institute, where he attended a concert in memory of the victims of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, five new coronavirus cases have been recorded in Lazio in the last 24 hours. A figure “at historic lows, but we keep our guard high”, commented the governor Nicola Zingaretti.
Today the Ostia Antica Archaeological Park has reopened, while yesterday, in Rome, the Colosseum returned to welcome tourists after 84 days. (ALL UPDATES)

19:33 – Mattarella: “Thanks Spallanzani, precious for the country”

“I extend a greeting with real pleasure. I want to express my thanks for Spallanzani, for his doctors, for all his staff, for the researchers, for everything that is carried out here of precious activity, which at this moment receives greater attention but that constantly even in times of less attention is important and precious for our country. What I want to express is this feeling of gratitude “. So the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, at the end of the concert at Spallanzani in Rome. “The work that takes place here for our country – he added – is a point of reference, it is part of a constellation of scientific, medical, assistance and research activities of extraordinary value, which places our country in an eminent position in the concert of international collaboration. Thanks for what you do, the highest appreciation from the Republic and best wishes for your business. Thanks and best wishes “. The president then left the institute to the applause of doctors and nurses.

19:07 – Mattarella allo Spallanzani for the concert in memory of the victims of the pandemic

The concert organized in the Spallanzani courtyard of Rome in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has opened with the Hymn of Mameli. The international tenor Francesco Grollo performed it. The event was promoted by the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, seated in the front row next to the Head of State and the general director of the Institute, Marta Branca. The concert was organized to remember the victims of the pandemic and to pay homage to health workers involved in the health emergency for Covid-19.

19:05 – 800 visitors for the reopening of the excavations of Ostia Antica

There were 804 visitors at the end of the first day of reopening to the public of the archaeological excavations of Ostia Antica, after the long lockdown phase. Satisfaction is expressed by the Archaeological Park on the Facebook page: “It is wonderful to have you here again. Today you are many to walk along the Decumanus, to revive these places for too long remained silent and still. Ancient Ostia today, from today, is more beautiful than ever. Thank you for the affection and attachment that you have shown in Ostia Antica during these difficult months for everyone. Today we are happy, truly happy, to have finally reopened the Porta di Roma to the public “.

18:37 – Zingaretti: “Lazio at historic low but we keep our guard high”

“Today in Lazio only 5 new positive cases at Covid. Lowest figure since the start of the lockdown. Nobody gave us anything, the containment measures worked”. So on Facebook the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti. “Thanks to everyone’s commitment – he adds – From tomorrow we turn the page but we keep our guard high. We respect the rules and together we turn the economy back on, to resume life, consumption and production. We have passed a phase: let’s get ready to fight to win another. ”

18:31 – 2847 positive in Lazio, 741 dead, 4155 healed

There are 2,847 current positive cases of Covid 19 in Lazio. Of these 2,211 are in home isolation, 580 are hospitalized not in intensive care, 56 are hospitalized in intensive care. The Region announced. 741 died and 4,155 healed. In total 7,743 cases were examined.

17:24 – Rays: “4 million allocated for summer camps”

“Supporting the Summer Centers means investing in the return to normalcy of our children. For this reason we have allocated another 4 million euros, in addition to the 2 million already assigned to the Municipalities, for the opening of these activities throughout Rome”, he said on Facebook the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi. “It is a concrete contribution, to give children and young people the opportunity to have fun and learn, socializing with others in complete safety – he adds – We also want to give support to parents who return to work and we are already studying the best solutions for reopening of the schools in September The Capitoline task force for the School is in full swing, with experts both internal and external to the Administration in constant contact with Councilor Veronica Mammì, whom I thank, for giving added value to the educational and didactic paths of the little ones. ”

16:26 – In Lazio five new cases, three in Rome

“Today we record 5 positive cases, 50 people who have recovered in the last 24 hours continue to grow. In Rome city there are only three new cases. We maintain a high level of attention in view of the reopening on 3 June”. So the Regional Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato. “The activities for serological tests for health workers and law enforcement agencies continue – D’Amato continues -. The activity at the drive-in for tampons continues and the ‘contact tracing’ has been strengthened with an operational meeting every day with the ASLs on the tracing. There have been 2 deaths in the last 24h, while the total number of healed is 4,155 in total and the total tampons performed have been over 260,000 “.

14:26 – “The hands of Italy”, a sculpture for Bergamo from 12 Roman shops

The bronze sculpture created by the artisans of twelve historic shops in the center of Rome will be accepted by the Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo. The work – an Italy made of hands that touch, overlap, that push – wants to pay homage to the work done by the industrious hands of doctors, nurses, volunteers, law enforcement but also bakers, pizza makers and riders: men and women remained on the front lines during the Covid19 emergency. Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary of State for Health, established the contact between the director Maria Beatrice Stasi of the Bergamo hospital and the Roman artisans: “I am really happy that the desire of the Roman artisans could be fulfilled, representing many Italian artists who shared the project, to pay homage to a hospital symbol of this pandemic with a work of high emblematic value. The gift to the Bergamo hospital created by the Roman artists to ideally thank all the health personnel is an important sign of solidarity that unites the country “.

14:01 – Vaia: “Today an important stop for Spallanzani”

“This June 2 marks an important stage for Spallanzani and for my life. Tonight there will be the visit of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the concert by the tenor Francesco Grollo. I think it is the right and well-deserved seal to our work, to the commitment of colleagues and clinicians and researchers who have never spared themselves in these months. A unique, fantastic scientific clinical community “. So the health director of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, Francesco Vaia. “Since last January 29, when the Chinese couple was transported to our institute – the first confirmed cases of coronavirus in Italy – Vaia underlines – we have had thousands of hospitalized patients, over 700 positive and more than 500 recovered, of whom over a third are elderly. eyes and in the heart the image of the Chinese lady who, leaving the institute, said with emotion “I love You, I love Spallanzani”, I remember the positive guys from Wuhan. A long and tiring job rewarded also by the results. Zero infected among the staff and a lot of warmth from the citizens. An intense emotion! My life has changed. For the better. ”

12:50 – High turnout on the beaches of the Roman coast

The turnout towards the beaches of the Roman coast is high. Despite the persistence of the wind and frequent passages of clouds, many have chosen to spend the Republic Day by the sea, for the first dives and sunbathing, or to have lunch in the many restaurants on the whole coast, between Ostia, Fiumicino, Fregene and Maccarese. However, it is not a full house or an assault as happened on similar holidays. This is because, for example, on free beaches, whose accesses are manned, there is a lot of space available, as well as in equipped factories and free beaches.

11:42 – Excavations of Ostia Antica reopened, already dozens of visitors

After the long lockdown phase, the archaeological excavations of Ostia Antica were reopened for visits. In the first hour and a half, at 10, the ticket office has already registered one hundred admissions on the post-covid reopening day. And for visitors today, on the occasion of the Republic Day, the surprise of free admission to the largest and most well-preserved Roman city, a stone’s throw from Rome. The visit to Ostia Antica presents signs and notices to avoid gatherings and involves measuring the temperature at the entrance. In any case, a visit with a free route remains for as long as you want and with the possibility of refreshment in the Scavi cafĂ©. Starting today, the Archaeological Park will be open from 8:30 to 19, with the last entry for visitors at 18:00. An original signage and information brochure, designed for the occasion, will help every visitor to remember the prohibition of gathering and the need to keep a meter away from every other person. Visitors will find hand sanitizing columns both at the entrance of the bathrooms and near the fountains scattered in the archaeological area. Green light also for the work of tourist guides: groups of up to 25 people + guide with use of audio devices (integrated microphone-earphone system) and up to 10 people + guide are allowed, if without such devices. Each guide is required to ensure the social distancing of his group, avoiding the gatherings. The security staff will verify the correct flow and distance, giving specific suggestions or warnings. Inside the archaeological area, the rooms or passages of small dimensions that would have jeopardized the distancing were forbidden to be used, by placing chains and special signs: for this reason, the viewpoints and the Ostia Museum are forbidden. In other buildings, such as the Thermopoly of the Casa di Diana or the Theater with the square of the Corporations, one-way or alternating one-way visits have been prepared, indicated by special signs.

11:37 – Dario Franceschini opens doors to the exhibition on Raphael at the Stables

“At the passage of the Frecce Tricolori the great exhibition of Raphael starts again at the Scuderie del Quirinale. The reconstruction in Italy starts from the culture and beauty in which we are immersed. And we must remember that the masks leave the eyes free ”. and cultural and tourism activities, Dario Franceschini, who this morning opened the doors of the Quirinale Stables together with the director Mario De Simoni to bring in the first visitor.

11:10 am – Direct Alitalia connection Rome-New York resumed

The Alitalia Rome Fiumicino-New York JFK direct connection that the company had suspended from 5 to 31 May has been restored today. Between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, flights with Spain will also resume: first the Rome-Barcelona and then the Rome-Madrid. Tomorrow will also mark the resumption of flights in territorial continuity Rome-Alghero and Rome-Olbia (four flights: two outings and two returns for each of the two routes). The resumption of the Rome-New York JFK non-stop connection took place at 10:40 am when flight AZ 608 departed from Leonardo da Vinci. The service with the American city will be carried out until 14 June twice a week (from Italy on Tuesdays and Saturdays; from the United States on Wednesdays and Sundays). From the second half of the month, the connection will operate four days a week, with the addition of two flights from Italy on Thursday and Sunday and two from the United States on Monday and Friday.

10:39 – Spallanzani: “75 patients were hospitalized, 27 of which were positive for Covid-19”

At the moment, 75 patients are hospitalized at Spallanzani in Rome, 27 of which are positive for Covid-19 and 48 under investigation. Five patients need respiratory support. Patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures are at this morning 462 “. This is what emerges from today’s medical bulletin of the Institute.

9:26 – Today museums and archaeological parks reopen

Thanks to the restoration of access to state cultural sites on the basis of the provisions of the Dpcm of 17 May 2020, several museums and archelogical sites will open across Italy today. In Lazio it is the opening day of the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica. Yesterday, however, the Colosseum opened in Rome after 84 days. A safe return to the public: you entered with a compulsory reservation and by purchasing the ticket online, for individuals and groups of up to 14 people, who entered every 15 minutes and were always accompanied.

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