Coronavirus: Regions reopen on Wednesday, but governors are still divided


Lombardy – The Lombard governor, Attilio Fontana, for days has said he is convinced that from June 3 his fellow citizens will be able to move throughout the country, despite the fact that the region is still the most affected by the virus. “The data are extremely positive – he says – and therefore I have no doubt that Lombardy will certainly be part of the list of Regions that will have freedom of movement.

Piedmont – The President of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, also spoke on the position of some Regions, also talking about the request for the certificate of negativity at Covid-19: “I don’t think it’s a right choice, nor practicable. I come from the Langhe, we have a strongly tourist territory and we can’t wait to welcome the many foreigners, Europeans who have always chosen this territory. I can understand that there is a desire for protection. I see not only the need for an Italy that moves all together but even of a Europe that moves like this “.

Veneto – Luca Zaia’s position seems the most firm and resolute one. The Venetian governor is a strong supporter of the complete reopening since June 3 for weeks he has been working to fully restart his region. “I think it is essential not to open like a leopard. I understand the concern of some colleagues, but I hope it can be opened all together, even at a European level. We need to increase travel and relationships.” All this united, Zaia reiterates, to the perennial invitation to keep the guard high in the prevention and fight against the virus.

Liguria – The governor of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, is on the same line as Zaia. “The enemy is the virus – he writes on Facebook – it is not people, whatever their origin. I had already said it, I repeat it. Because I am convinced that some messages that I have read do not honor the tricolor that many Italians have hung on the balcony in recent months. There is no one region against another. We are all fighting the same battle. And if the government allows it, in the face of positive health numbers, we will open the borders. Just make terrorism, just sow hate, just discriminate between us. ”

Emilia Romagna – Even the president of Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, although in the “two-faced” position of presidency of the Conference of the Regions, hopes for complete opening. “I hope that the rate of controversy will decrease, and as far as I am concerned, I hope that we can obviously start all together. It will be decided in concert with the government. Overall, 21 data are transferred region by region every day to the Ministry of Health and all calculations are made on the progress of the epidemiological curve. It is clear that there is a need for security guarantees. ”

Lazio – Caution, with positions at first very controversial, but now less rigid, come from the Regions of the Center-South. From Lazio, the Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, spoke of strong political pressure for the reopening, also advancing the hypothesis of some countermeasures. And he claims the “Lazio model” for emergency management: “The Lazio model that we are putting in place through the integration of serological tests and swabs is working”.

Sardinia – The region most hostile to free movement, however, remains Sardinia. Governor Christian Solinas continues to reiterate that a sort of “health passport” is needed to enter the island and he has not taken any step back from the position of the Minister for Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia: “It is unconstitutional – said the minister – Article 120 of the Constitution says it. A Region cannot adopt measures that hinder the free movement of people “. Some “no” to the health passport have also come from other regional presidents and some mayors, but Sardinia does not retrace its steps.

Sicily – As for Sicily, the governor Nello Musumeci has filed the idea of ​​the “health passport” and has put on the table new rules: “It will be necessary to verify the origin, the existence of any suspected cases in the family, indicate day after day the traceability of the presence of the tourist. I only remember that we are at the center of a pandemic and that everything else appears to be a very small thing, “he adds. “I’m not talking about free movement, but who freely comes to Sicily and accepts collaboration with local health authorities”.

Campania – After shooting zero on the common reopening from June 3, the Campania governor Vincenzo De Luca has “softened” the position, but the basic reasoning remains the same. “We really don’t understand what the merit reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility, even for the provinces still heavily affected by the contagion. One has the feeling that for the umpteenth time decisions are not being made. on the basis of simple and objective criteria, but of various types of pressure and pressure “. In any case, De Luca ensures that Campania “will evaluate the government’s decisions, if and when they are formalized” and will adopt, “without hysteria and responsibly, together with the security protocols already in force, rapid checks and tests with increased attention to prevent as far as possible, the emergence of new epidemic outbreaks in our region “.

Puglia and Calabria – And while Michele Emiliano, from Puglia, stresses that “the time has come to reopen the country under normal conditions and the condition of fundamental normality is freedom of movement”, from the tip of the “boot” the governor Jole Santelli for days, on TV and in newspapers, he reiterates that Calabria is ready to welcome tourists with open arms. “We are zero contagion – he highlights – and in compliance with all measures against coronavirus, I can now say to those arriving in Calabria: the only danger will be to gain weight”.

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