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New record of coronavirus infections in the United States: 45,300 new positives in the last 24 hours, after that of Friday of 40 thousand. By now almost 2.5 million cases have been reached (2,460,000), and the deaths are over 125 thousand. There are at least 31 American states where the number of new infections has increased compared to two weeks ago and when the reopening started. The most worrying situation is recorded in Florida and Texas.

“Our situation is much worse than it was when the order to stay home was given,” a Texas county councilor noted in a television interview. While the mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos Gimenez, in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, ordered the closure of the beaches for the next long weekend of July 4th, after nine thousand infections in a day were recorded in Florida yesterday .

The opening of Great Britain
The British government is easing the restrictions imposed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and allow tourists to spend their holidays in the United Kingdom. The government is expected to lift the 14-day quarantine requirement that has so far forced those returning from abroad to isolation. The quarantine will be replaced with a traffic light system. Countries will be marked with green, amber and red colors based on the prevalence of the virus. Only travelers returning to the UK from red areas or places with a high Covid-19 level will be required to be isolated. The full list of countries is expected to be released next week, but Spain, Greece and France are likely to receive the green light.

So the coronavirus kills: 3D travel in the human body from contagion to what happens to the lungs

The nightmare of New Delhi
The health system of the Indian federated territory of Delhi has been severely tested for the speed of spread of the coronavirus, admitted Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi, which includes the federal capital, New Delhi, is the most affected area in India, with about 73,000 recorded cases of Covid-19 and at least 2,500 deaths. The increase in infections in the first week of June led to a shortage of hospital beds and the increase in victims. In the metropolitan area of ​​Delhi, with 20 million people, infections have increased much faster than in the rest of the country, with about a third of infections reported only in the past week.

Coronavirus, the simulation of the dispersion and persistence in the air of droplets in a room after a cough

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