Coronavirus, Rainier bluntly: “Fake championship”


It will be a distorted championship, anomalous, but must end due to force majeure. So let’s end it and go, we have two very intense months ahead. moreover ours was one of the most affected teams from the virus: I see these guys who find it harder than others to recover, it wasn’t like that before ”he begins like this Claudio Ranieri to the Corriere dello Sport.

“It starts again and we see what happens, without the fans it will be terrible. The public in a football game is everything. Have the fans next to you it would be important to achieve salvation. I hope they can come back soon: playing behind closed doors is like a play without audience. Then we have the advantage of having a stadium like Marassi where the fans are in contact with the pitch and make themselves heard. ”

Samp will have to recover the race with Inter and then face Roma: “The calendar is tough, if it’s okay let’s get in shape immediately. We have to face these two games with a positive spirit, knowing that we are going to meet two battleships. I saw Inter well in the Italian Cup, he created a lot, pressed a lot, made the ball turn quickly. He met only one great Ospina. The Rome of Fonseca? I like how it moves on the pitch, how it presses. “

At the recovery there will be the novelty of the 5 replacements: “Samp has a squad that allows me to be able to rotate the players, I can’t have the same team play every three days. Thanks to the five substitutions I can also give minutes of rest, then in the next games we will see who recovers. We have an important staff, I am confident “.

Chiosa on fight salvation: “It will be difficult to achieve salvation. Even before, we had to work hard to get out of the red zone. We knew from the start that we had to fight game after game. It will be like this even now, until the end”.

SPORTAL.IT | 19-06-2020 16:04

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