Coronavirus, Puglia, the first region of Italy to trace infected with police forces. Emiliano’s announcement


Puglia will be the first region in Italy to use the police force to trace the contacts of people infected with Coronavirus. The President of the Region announces it to the Republic, Michele Emiliano.

“In the next few days we will sign an agreement with all the bodies. The work of policemen, carabinieri, financiers and city policemen will complement that of the prevention departments which, in Puglia, since the beginning of the epidemic has worked with an experimental contact tracing protocol “.

“This is an old-fashioned job – said the governor -. While waiting to experiment with the Immuni App, the departments will have the task of monitoring positive patients, tracking every movement and meeting that has taken place. In this way, people who have contracted the virus can be controlled and isolated and the epidemic stopped. ”

“We ask – he said in an interview released to the newspaper – for citizens to collaborate: those who come to Puglia, even for the holidays, will be able to report themselves on our site, completely anonymously, in such a way, in case of positivity, to put ourselves in the condition to rebuild all close contacts “.

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