Coronavirus, Piedmont is preparing for the risk of a second wave: here’s how it reorganizes hospitals – La Stampa


TORINO. Increase in intensive and semi-intensive care beds, identification of Covid hospitals in the area (including OGR), restructuring of first aid and consolidation of the separation of routes, rotation and distribution of equipment and instruments, increase in means of aid to be dedicated to transfers between hospitals and increase in staff in addition to the current organic provision of the regional health service: these are the main points of the hospital network reorganization plan drawn up by the working group led by Dr
Giovanni Monchiero.

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Tomorrow the Plan will be presented in summary and submitted to the Ministry of Health for approval. For Councilor Icardi: “With the elaboration of the Plan, we create the conditions to deal with a possible second epidemic wave. The hospital network is modulated on the basis of flexibility and functionality.
We increase the beds in intensive and semi-intensive care, the dedicated staff, we restructure and reorganize the emergency rooms. With the strengthening of the part of territorial medicine, the establishment of the new Department for Infectious Diseases and the activity of tracking contacts we are able to manage the situation, also guaranteeing the progressive return to normal activity in hospitals “.

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