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TORINO. If it is not the best day since the beginning of the health emergency, we are close to it. The numbers that the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region issued today, Sunday 7 June, are comforting: no deaths in the last 24 hours and 10 infections. There is only one hospitalized in ICU. We are not, like other regions (for example, Veneto) contagion 0 and victims 0, but we are getting closer.

Here they are, in detail, the numbers of today’s bulletin

The virologically cured patients, that is, negative results from the two tests at the end of the disease, are 20,533 (+287 compared to yesterday), divided as follows on a provincial basis: 2158 (+14) Alessandria, 1135 (+43), Asti, 776 (+2), Biella, 2034 (+19), Cuneo, 1796 (+0) Novara, 10.704, (+199) Turin, 893, (+10) Vercelli, 899 (+0), Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 138 (+0) from other regions. 2,419 others are “on the mend”, that is, negative for the first test buffer, after illness and awaiting the outcome of the second.

Coronavirus, so Piedmont has become the second region of Italy with the most positives

There are 7 deaths of positive people at the Covid-19 test communicated in the afternoon by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region, of which 0 are currently registered today (remember that the cumulative update data communicated daily also includes deaths that occurred in the previous days and only subsequently ascertained as Covid deaths). The total is now 3,941 positive virus results, divided as follows on a provincial basis: 649 Alessandria, 238 Asti, 206 Biella, 388 Cuneo, 337 Novara, 1,741 Turin, 215 Vercelli, 127 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, as well as 40 residents out of the region but died in Piedmont.

Coronavirus, the curve that shows where the epidemic is in Italy

30,855 (+ 10 compared to yesterday, 3 of whom in RSA) have so far tested positive for Covid-19 in Piedmont, divided as follows on a provincial basis: 3,966 Alessandria, 1,857 Asti, 1039 Biella, 2,801, Cuneo, 2,723 Novara, 15,700 Turin , 1,309 Vercelli, 1,111 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 261 residents outside the region, but in charge of the Piedmontese health structures. The remaining 88 cases are in the process of being elaborated and territorially assigned. The ICU patients are 38 (+1 compared to yesterday). 659 inpatients not in intensive care (-25 compared to yesterday). There are 3,265 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 343,354, of which 190,324 negative results.

The timelapse map of the coronavirus infection in Italy: all the numbers, regions and cities affected

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