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TORINO. A new Department, two values: managing infectious diseases and related emergencies, making use of the coronavirus lesson; as for Covid, replace the Regional Crisis Unit.

The news, anticipated in recent days by our newspaper, was made official yesterday by the Region. The inter-company functional health department “Infectious Diseases and Emergencies” – based in the former Waldensian Hospital headed by the Turin ASL – is made up of the aggregation of ASL prevention and infectious disease services. Objective: “Manage infectious diseases, liaising with the Health and Welfare Directorate and the regional sectors responsible for the development of monitoring and information systems related to the current emergency situation for Covid”.

As such, it will have an operations center. In summary: the Region equips itself with a structure appointed to deal with the Covid emergency and those that could land in Piedmont in the future. “As regards the activities relating to the Health and Welfare area – explains the councilor Icardi – he will have to ensure coordination in the Covid emergency management, without a solution of continuity with respect to what is carried out by the competent functional areas of the Unit of Crisis, which will remain active until the new Department is fully activated ยป.

It means that the Crisis Unit, already operating at a slower pace today, is preparing to leave the scene. All clear? Except the name of who will head the new Department: question mark for now.

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