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Pesaro, 20 June 2020 – “Knows where they had put all my belongings including the cell phone? Inside the mortuary “, says Silvano Leva, 65 years old, married and two children. He spent 90 days in the hospital with coronavirus. His kind of painful way too, if the spirit of this man makes everything understood.

“They came to pick me up in an ambulance at home on March 13 – he says – and then from Pesaro they took me to San Bendetto. When they put the catheter in I heard a voice saying ‘here you have to cut’ and at that point I had a jerk and I kicked a lot. “A cheerful man Silvano Leva, insurer, now at home. A shivering story his because at the hospital of San Bendetto, where he was sent from Pesaro, after a few days from hospitalization, the doctors called the family members home to say that it was at the end. “Yes, because as soon as I entered the resuscitation I had an internal bleeding and went into a coma. There were people with me who said that he could not take it anymore, but I never gave up. And during the hospitalization I underwent three tracheostomies in addition to internal bleeding “.

Did you also see angels?
“When I became aware, given that I no longer remember anything, I didn’t see the angels, but the beautiful nurses. And do you know how the doctor who treated me was nicknamed? The resurrected-dead. Only one died of those hospitalized in San Bendetto. Then the very good nurses would cry with me. A 24 year old girl confessed to me that every night she prayed for my health. An infinite tenderness “.

When did you leave the hospital?
“Last week’s Friday. But not by the will of the doctors, but because I clearly said that I couldn’t take it anymore, that I wanted to go out, I signed all the documents in the world and sent all my friends from Pesaro to Venus to pick me up. I wanted to go home And then one more thing … ”

“At a certain point I also got tired of eating with an IV and then baby food for which I started the hunger strike”.

And how did it end?
“That I won, so I started eating like a normal person.”

“Now I’m at home, in the garden, the physiotherapist comes every day and I’m next to my family. I’m recovering”.

“Hundreds, but not only since I was at home, but also when I was still hospitalized in San Bendetto. A little bit from all over Italy, also considering the work I do. Including those of friends, some of whom had even said mass for Because it’s true, they gave me up for dead. ”

How did you get the virus?
“Honestly, I don’t have the faintest idea, also because I meet a hundred people every day for work. It’s a mystery to me”.

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