Coronavirus, parties and mega parties on the water with 3 thousand people: Germany trembles


The coronavirus returns to scare in Germany. More than 30 positive people, and over 300 quarantined subjects in Göttingen, Lower Saxony. Not to mention the mega protest party that took place in the Berlin canal on rubber boats and canoes, with 3 thousand people running. All without mask.

Family parties and 36 people get coronavirus

The new outbreak occurred in Göttingen, where 36 people were infected, one of which was seriously affected. All of them had gone to a place where you smoke on hookah, the water pipe. Local that, among other things, should not even have been open. More than 300 people ended up in quarantine. Cordula Dankert, a spokesman for the local authorities, has announced that the place has been closed and that the authorities are now considering whether to sanction it. At the moment 310 people would have come into contact with the infected, but the number could be higher. Many of them are boys and girls. Dankert explained that “They can’t leave their apartments, they can’t go shopping.”

Almost all coronavirus positive subjects would reside in the same residential complex of 700 people. However, only 60 would be at risk because they belonged to families that had found themselves in the weekend two parties private. It is therefore useless to quarantine the entire complex. Those who attended the parties and will not come in personally will be tracked and tested, even risking a fine. As reported by the Corriere, according to Petra Broistedt, head of social affairs of the district, the infections occurred first inside the two family celebrations and later in the local.

In Berlin mega party on the water: there is a risk of a new outbreak

There is also an alarm in Berlin, where a mega party may soon turn into a new outbreak. Among other things, the capital is one of the few German cities where the infection rate, R0, is still above 1, indeed it is growing. In recent days it has risen to 1.66. The party was born like floating protest in support of the sector in crisis of musical events. The party had been advertised on Facebook, attracting thousands of attendees. All without masks and piled up on a boat, canoe or on the banks of the Landwehrkanal, Berlin’s artificial canal.

When asked by the authorities, the organizers said they were very surprised by the turnout of people at the party and that they only wanted to demonstrate solidarity to the many clubs in the city still forced to close due to the coronavirus emergency. The Clubcommission, which brings together all 245 clubs and party or concert facilities in Berlin, made an appeal asking all people who were at the mega party to limit the number of social contacts for at least 2 weeks. Land Social Health Senator Dilek Kalayci commented on what happened: “I understand their reasons and the economic difficulties facing the clubs but what happened on Sunday is irresponsible. Holidays and pandemics don’t get along. ”

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