Coronavirus, over 434 thousand deaths worldwide. Beijing and Latin America worry


The total cases are over 7 million and 944 thousand. The United States are the most affected, with over 2 million infections and over 115 thousand victims. But there are several areas of concern, such as Latin America and India, where a state is once again in a lockdown. The Chinese capital, after the increase in cases, stops cultural and sporting events. In Berlin a whole quarantine block

Coronavirus-related deaths worldwide exceeded 434,000. To say are the data processed by Johns Hopkins University, updated to 15 June (THE MAP). The total infections are over 7 million and 944 thousand. In absolute terms, the United States remains the most affected country, with over 2 million infected and more than 115 thousand victims (382 in the last 24 hours). If in some countries the new cases are falling and the health emergency seems to be under control, in others the numbers are still worrying. This is the case of China, with Beijing having isolated some residential areas and stopping sporting and cultural events; or India, where a lockdown was imposed again in an entire state. A block of Berlin also ended up in quarantine after the discovery of an outbreak. Furthermore, the numbers of Latin America are also worrying (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL – THE SITUATION IN ITALY).

Beijing stops sports activities and cultural events again


Coronavirus China: Beijing stops sports and culture, lockdown neighborhoods

Let’s start from China, where there is a fear of a return wave. After almost two months without contagions from Covid-19, Beijing is now a city with a “high risk” of spreading the pandemic. In the last four days, there have been about eighty new episodes ascertained. The latest cases of contamination were discovered in a wholesale market in northwestern Beijing, in the Haidian district, after the gigantic fresh produce market in Xinfadi in the south of the Chinese metropolis had already closed last week. Fengtai: after the 11 residential areas quarantined in that area, ten other areas have now been quarantined in the Chinese capital (PHOTO). The authorities also decided to stop sporting activities and indoor cultural events again, to strengthen “disinfection of the public space” and to resume temperature controls (which had been suspended). In the past 24 hours, there have been 49 new cases of coronaviruses across the country, including 36 in the capital. Several Chinese cities are now advising their residents to avoid travel to Beijing. Nationally, 18 symptom-free cases were also counted, which the Chinese government does not include in its total statistics. In total, China has officially counted over 83,000 cases of contagion since the outbreak, 4,634 of which were fatal.

In India a state in lockdown


Immuni and the others: the contact tracing apps in the world

Contagion continues to increase in India too: for the second day in a row, it has jumped 11,900 new positive to the virus, with 325 victims. According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the total cases are 330 thousand and the deaths almost 10 thousand. The state of Maharasthra remains the worst hit, followed by Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Gujarat; Uttar Pradesh, Rajastahan, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal also each have more than 10 thousand positives. Just the government of Tamil Nadu, due to the rise of the infections, announced that it had imposed the lockdown again from June 19 until the end of the month. The decision was made on the advice of a team of experts to stop the growing curve. The lockdown will concern in particular the capital Chennai (once called Madras), a megalopolis which alone has 16 million inhabitants, and four other densely populated districts. As in the rest of India, the severe restrictions in force since March 25 had been gradually eased in the state since the beginning of June.

Latin America is still concerned

Latin America is also under observation. In the last 24 hours, the pandemic continues to record a dynamic growth in both the infections, which reached 1,646,746 (+46,026), and the deaths, which increased to 79,602 (+1,642). This is what emerges from the statistical processing carried out by the Ansa on the basis of data from 34 Latin American countries and territories. Brazil, the second most affected country in the world behind the United States, recorded more moderate growth than the average of the last week, perhaps due to the Sunday holiday, setting the infected at 867,624 (+17,110) and the dead at 43,332 (+612 ). Peru (229,736 and 6,688) and Chile (174,293 and 3,323) follow, while six other countries in the region (Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Panama) confirm the difficult Latin American moment with contagions of over 20 thousand and deaths over 400.

In Berlin, a quarantine block


Coronavirus, travel back to the EU: borders reopen. PHOTO

Even in Europe the emergency has not returned. In Berlin, for example, an entire block was quarantined due to a coronavirus outbreak. It is the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic that such a scenario has occurred in the capital. On the other hand, a situation like this has always taken place in Germany recently in Göttingen, Lower Saxony. In the Berlin housing block, located in the Neukoelln district, between Harzer and Treptower Strasse, 52 people tested positive. For this reason, hundreds of residents are forced to stay at home for the next two weeks, while carpet tests are carried out. A new outbreak of infection has also been identified in Belgium among the staff of Swissport Cargo, the company that processes around a quarter of the goods arriving and departing from Liège airport.

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