Coronavirus: over 380 thousand deaths worldwide – World


The number of coronavirus deaths worldwide has exceeded the 380,000 threshold: this is what emerges from the updated count of the uAmerican university Johns Hopkins.
The data published by the university indicate a total balance of 380,318 deaths, while the cases in the world are at an altitude of 6,382,951. The healed are 2,731,340.

Covid-19 death toll in Brazil: 1,262 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 31,199 since the start of the pandemic. The Ministry of Health reveals it. There are 28,936 new infections, for a total of 555,383.

India has recorded nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours, the highest daily level since the pandemic began. Cnn reports it. According to data from the American University Johns Hopkins, India today has a total of 207,615 infections, including 5,829 deaths. India is currently the seventh country in the world most affected by the virus after the United States, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

Japan reported 52 new coronavirus cases yesterday, 34 of them in Tokyo: the Ministry of Health has made it known, according to CNN reports. So far a total of 17,698 people have contracted the virus in the country, including 913 people who have died. The Tokyo region has 5,283 infections and 306 deaths.

In the last 24 hours, 90 new positive coronavirus cases have been added to Israel, the total number of which has now risen to 17,343. There have been 14,955 healings and 290 deaths so far. The National Security Council reported. There are 2,098 patients, 28 of whom are in serious conditions. Following the spread of the virus in the last week in particular in schools, 31 schools have been closed and several thousand pupils and teachers are now in quarantine. Today, for the second time in 24 hours, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu will examine the possibility of reducing the influx of students into schools, as requested by the ministry of health


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