Coronavirus, over 10 million cases worldwide. In Latin America, 63 thousand in one day


Rome, June 28, 2020 – The cases of Coronavirus globally they have exceeded the threshold of 10 million: this is what emerges from the data of the Johns Hopkins Universityy, according to which the balance of deaths close to altitude 500 thousand. Statistics from the American university indicate that there are now 10,001,527 infections worldwide, including 499,024 deaths. There are 5,062,145 people healed so far.

And indeed the pandemic continues to run in different countries. The United States for example, they exceeded 2.5 million cases of contagion and the victims are 125,434. Alarm In Brazil, where there are over 38,000 new cases and 1,109 deaths in the past 24 hours. The South American country currently has a total of 1,313,667 confirmed cases and 57,070 victims and is the second in the world in terms of number of deaths and number of infections, after the USA. And in all Latin America there were more than 63 thousand new cases, for a total of 2.42 million. Colombia (+4,149) surpasses China by the total number of infected, now at 88,591.

United States

Twelve American states have braking the reopening after the lockdown to stem the spread of Covid-19. The new wave of infections has forced Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas and Washington to review their de-confinement strategies.


China has registered others 17 cases of Coronavirus in the last 24 hours, three of which imported and 14 of internal origin in Beijing: the National Health Commission (NHC) has made it known. According to the NHC, reports CNN, China to date has a total of 83,500 infections and 4,634 deaths.


A new facility with 10,000 beds for the treatment of Covid-19 patients has been set up in the southern part of the Indian capital, New Delhi. It will be India’s largest facility to deal with the pandemic. Already 2 thousand beds will be operational, while the remaining 8 thousand will be used from Wednesday.


New measures of anti-coronavirus lockdown could be imposed on Melbourne after they were identified on Saturday 49 cases, the highest number since last April. The Guardian reports it. According to the state health authorities of Victoria, this is not a “wave” but Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has announced that he is considering whether to ask citizens to stay home in the next few days. In the rest of Australia the virus has almost completely disappeared.

One of the new coronavirus outbreaks in Melbourne may have been caused by the exchange of a lighter among the employees of a hotel, Andrews reconstructs: “They kept their distance but they passed the lighter”, he declared according to what reported by the BBC adding that always the same employees went by car together “thus being much closer to each other than how desirable it is. ”

The other countries

In Mexico 22 players from the Mexican club Cruz Azul tested positive. They are all asymptomatic and 8 concern the male team and 14 the female one, according to reports from the Mexican League. In Iran President Hassan Rohani announced that the masks will be mandatory in certain areas of the country from next week and has given the provinces most affected by the new wave of Covid-19 the go-ahead to reintroduce restrictive measures. In Iran the budget of victims he passed it share 10 thousand and the number of infected over 220 thousand, but official data show an increasing trajectory in new cases confirmed since the beginning of May.

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