Coronavirus, one of two Chinese doctors who had woken up from the black-skinned coma died


He died at 42 Hu Weifeng, one of the Chinese doctors who, after falling ill with coronavirus and having entered a coma, they had awakened with the completely black leather. The doctor, who worked at the central hospital in Wuhan and had been a colleague of Li Wenliang, had been hospitalized for several months.Read also Coronavirus in Campania, rising trend: 12 positive on over two thousand swabs

Hu Weifeng, together with the colleague Yi Fan, had fallen ill during the peak of the epidemic in the Chinese city from which the infection originated. The two, forced to be hospitalized in intensive care, had undergone very strong antiviral therapies, which combined with a latent anomaly of the functioning of the liver, had caused thealteration of skin pigmentation.

Yi Fan, after a month and a half of intensive care, had recovered and had gradually recovered. The colleague Hu Weifenginstead, after two months of hospitalization he seemed to be on the mend, but he suffered a new relapse: resigned from intensive care in mid-April, after just a week he had been the victim of a cerebral hemorrhage that led him to death, which occurred last week. AskaNews reports it.

Urologist Hu Weifeng and cardiologist Yi Fan, both 42 years old, worked in the same hospital in Li Wenliang, the 34-year-old ophthalmologist who first tried to report the ongoing epidemic, after noticing an abnormal spike in pneumonia and respiratory problems among patients. Suspected of spreading a virus similar to that of the 2002 Sars epidemic, the doctor had tried to alert his colleagues but had been censored and arrested by the Chinese authorities. Working in the hospital of Wuhan, the young ophthalmologist had also been infected and died in early February, when the authorities recognized their mistakes and the merits of the doctor who, despite himself, became one of the world’s heroes of the pandemic. Last updated: 23:10 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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