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BOLZANO. The laboratories of the South Tyrolean Health Authority have carried out in the last 24 hours 502 swabs; none of the people tested tested positive.

Based on these data, communicated by the South Tyrolean Health Authority, the number of people positive for the Coronavirus test remains at an altitude 2,602. At the provincial level, the Health Authority reports that to date (June 8) it has carried out a total 72,257 swabs up 34,307 people.

Hospitalized people

In the normal departments of the sects hospitals of the Healthcare Company, in private clinics and in the Army logistic base specially equipped a Colle Isarco they are hospitalized altogether 7 patients with COVID-19. More 22 people assisted by the Healthcare company are suspected cases. In the intensive care unit of Bolzano she is hospitalized a person. Currently 1 South Tyrolean patient instead he is hospitalized in an intensive care unit in Austria.

Deceased people

The number of deaths related to Covid-19 in hospitals is of 175 people. The number of deaths in the retirement homes and of 117 people. Therefore they remain overall a 292 people who died in South Tyrol due to Covid-19.

Quarantined, healed and health workers

144 people are currently in mandatory quarantine or in home isolation. 10,822 they are the people they already have quarantine completed and home isolation. So far I am 10,966 the citizens to whom measures have been imposed quarantine.

So far they are results positive to the Coronavirus test 233 Healthcare professionals, 226 of these are healed. To these are added 12 general practitioners is 2 pediatricians of free choice (all healed).

I am therefore 2,215 people healed from Covid-19 (+1 than yesterday). To these are added 830 people (+1) who had a test with an uncertain or unclear outcome and which subsequently tested negative twice. The total number of those recovered between safe and suspect stands at 3,045 (+2 compared to the previous day).

The numbers in brief:

swabs made yesterday (June 7): 502

new positive swabs: 0

total number of swabs made: 72,257

number of people tested: 34,307 (+363)

number of Coronavirus positive people: 2,602

Covid-19 patients admitted to normal hospital wards, private clinics and Colle Isarco: 7

number of Covid patients admitted to intensive care units: 1

number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in intensive care units in Austria: 1

suspected cases: 22

Healthcare hospital deaths: 175 (+0)

deaths in retirement homes: 117 (+0)

total deaths (including retirement homes): 292 (+0)

people in home isolation: 144

people who have completed quarantine and home isolation: 10,822

persons to whom mandatory quarantine or isolation measures have so far been imposed: 10,966

people healed: 2,215 (+1 compared to the day before). To these are added 819 (+1) people who had a test with an uncertain or unclear outcome and who subsequently tested negative twice. Total: 3,045 (+2 compared to the previous day)

collaborators of the Healthcare Company positive to the test: 233 (227 healed, +1)

positive general practitioners and pediatricians: 14 (14 recovered)

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