Coronavirus news, the latest from Italy and the world – June 16


The latest news from Italy and the world on the Coronavirus pandemic. In our country yesterday 303 new infections were recorded (of which 259 in Lombardy), 26 dead and 640 recovered; 34,371 deaths related to the Covid-19 virus have started since the outbreak. In the world there are more than 8 million cases ascertained and over 430 thousand victims.

10.50 am – Ukraine, the President’s wife hospitalized

The Ukrainian First Lady, Olena Zelenska, was hospitalized in Kiev. Last week she had tested positive at Covid-19 unlike her husband Volodymyr Zelenskiy and their children. Her condition, although assessed stable, worsened and hospitalization became necessary. She was diagnosed with moderate bilateral pneumonia.

10.08 am – Egypt: record the infections and deaths

Between the evening of June 14 and that of the 15th in the country there were 1,691 cases of contagion and 97 deaths. These are the highest numbers since mid-February. Overall, there are 46,289 confirmed cases in Egypt and 1,672 deaths.

10.05 am – Germany: infections and deaths on the rise

In the last 24 hours, there have been 378 new infections registered against 192 yesterday. Nine, however, the deaths after 4 yesterday. The total toll since the beginning of the epidemic is 186,839 people infected and 8,800 dead.

09.26 – New Zealand: 2 new cases

Two new cases were registered in the country after 25 days without infection. These are two women of about 30 years of age who arrived from Great Britain. Before being subjected to the buffer they traveled by car from Auckland to Wellington, covering 650 km. The authorities are trying to identify the people with whom they have come into contact.

09.09 am – India, Delhi Health Minister hospitalized

Health Minister Satyendar Jain was hospitalized with symptoms of Covid-19. Jain himself gave the news via twitter: “Given the high level of fever and a sudden drop in my blood oxygen levels, I was admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi hospital”. Over 10,000 new cases have been registered in the country in the past 24 hours.

08.36 am – Brazil: cases rise to 888,271

There are 627 new victims linked to Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours.

07.55 am – China, 40 new cases. 27 in Beijing

After the 49 cases of contagion recorded yesterday, today 40 others have emerged. In the capital there are a total of 106 cases registered in the last few days. Local authorities have called the situation “extremely serious”. The spokesman for the Beijing administration, during a press conference, said the city is engaged “in a fight against time” to stop the contagion and that it will take “the strictest, most decisive and determined measures”.

07.45 am – Austria: borders with Italy reopened

After more than 3 months, Austria has reopened its borders with our country, restoring the free movement of citizens between the two states.

07.00 am – USA, the Oscar night postponed for two months

The ceremony was postponed to April 25, 2021, with a 2 month delay. The decision is linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, which also had a significant impact on the film industry by blowing up the filming and release of the films.

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