Coronavirus news: new cases and deaths – 12 June 2020


The latest news from Italy and the world on the Coronavirus pandemic. There are 34,167 deaths linked to Covid-19 in our country, in which the confirmed cases reached 236,142 yesterday. In the world, however, there are 7.5 million confirmed cases and 421,458 victims.

09.55 am – Pm Rota at Palazzo Chigi to listen to the Premier Count

The Public Prosecutor of Bergamo, Maria Cristina Rota, owner of the investigation into the failure to establish the red zone in the Bergamo area, arrived at Palazzo Chigi for the deposition of the Premier Count.

09.31 am – South Korea: 52 new cases

There are 52 new cases of contagion found in the country, 13 of which are “imported” from abroad.

09.30 am – United Kingdom: GDP in sharp decline

In April, GDP fell by 20.4% compared to the month of March, in which a contraction of 5.4% had already been recorded. The comparison between April this year and that of last year is also pitiless: the drop is equal to 24.5%. The contraction was even greater than the more pessimistic estimates, according to which a drop of 18.7% was to be expected.

08.52 – Harvard doctor: “200,000 deaths in the US by September”

US deaths could almost double by the end of the summer. This is the prediction of the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, Ashish Jha, in an interview released to Today: “The coronavirus will not disappear by magic and even if we assume that the trend will remain flat throughout the summer, that nothing will get worse , there are 800 deaths a day, 25,000 a month. In three and a half months, we will add another 87-88 thousand people and we will reach 200 thousand in September “. Ashish Jha is concerned about the behavior of the Americans: “What I want is for people to wear masks, I want them to maintain social distancing and what I want, what I have always wanted, is to allow traceability so that I can get out safely and suppress the virus. We are not doing it. So unfortunately we will have another 25 thousand deaths a month until September. And then it will continue. It will not magically disappear. “

08.15 am – Brazil: another 30 thousand cases ascertained on the last day

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 30,412 new cases have been ascertained in the last 24 hours, thus making the total rise to 802,828. The death toll is instead equal to 40,919, with an increase of 1,239. Brazil is currently the second country in the world in terms of number of infections, after the United States, and third in terms of number of victims after the United States and the United Kingdom.

08.00 am – India: new record of deaths and infections

In the last 24 hours, 396 deaths and 10,956 cases of contagion have been recorded in the country. These are the highest numbers since the start of the pandemic. India has become the fourth country in the world by number of infections with 297,535 confirmed cases.

07.30 – Mexico: 133.974 cases since the beginning of the emergency

The number of deaths in the country rose to 15,944. 4,790 new infections have been ascertained.

07.15 am – Pakistan: new record of infections

There are 6,397 new cases and 107 dead. According to the new Ministry of Health bulletin, there are now 125,933 cases ascertained and 2,463 the victims.

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