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The latest news from Italy and the world on the Coronavirus pandemic

The latest news on the Covid-19 emergency from Italy and the world. In our country there are 33,601 confirmed victims. Just 177 new cases yesterday.

9.30 am – Zingaretti: “Italian and public vaccine”

“Experimentation of the vaccine on humans is starting these days. We are confident, it is a great scientific topic. It will be very important that it be produced by the Italian pharmaceutical industry and on the soil of our country”. So in Unomattina the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio Region. “Behind this discovery many interests will turn – he added – It must be made public and give it to all those who need it: ‘common good vaccine’. It must be produced in Italy by Italian industries to give guarantees that it will be available. I remember what happened for masks and buffer reagents. We must not find ourselves in that condition. And then it must be a common good: anyone who needs it will have the right “.

8.55 am – The last three patients are discharged in Wuhan

The last three patients hospitalized in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the pandemic, have been discharged. The Wuhan Health Committee announced this in a statement, explaining that the test conducted again on the patients was negative, their normal temperature and no symptoms were observed. “It can therefore be said that there are no coronavirus patients in Wuhan hospitals,” read the note.

8.40 am – Germany, 475 new cases and 30 victims

In Germany, 475 new cases were confirmed in 24 hours, bringing the total number of infected people to 183,271. They are data from the Robert Koch Institute, the agency commissioned by the Berlin government to monitor the progress of the infection. The number of people who lost their lives rose to 8,613, an increase of thirty compared to the previous day.

8.35 am – Night marathon for School Decree

Suspended session in the Chamber after a night marathon of parliamentarians to get the approval of the School Decree by tomorrow, or before time runs out. Once the trust had been collected, the session began yesterday afternoon in which the opposition continues to obstruct. The goal of the Government and Minister Azzolina is to return to safety in September, “mobilizing resources for over 4 billion. There will be a new allocation of another 330 million for light school construction, “said the minister. Among the measures foreseen plexiglass dividers in the classes and visors instead of the masks, in addition to the possibility of going to school on Saturdays. The session is expected to resume shortly.

8.23 am – Over 6.6 million cases worldwide

The number of coronavirus cases in the world has exceeded the 6.6 million threshold, while the death toll is over 391,000: this is what emerges from the updated count of the American University Johns Hopkins. The data published by the university to date indicate a balance of 6,639,092 confirmed infections, including 391,261 deaths. To date, 2,872,731 people have healed.

8.16 am – Mexico, “we fear 35 thousand dead”

In Mexico, coronavirus cases confirmed to 105,680 and deaths to 12,545. However, the real numbers may be greater, considering the number of diagnostic tests conducted. This was stated by Mexican Vice Minister of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell, who during a press video conference estimated that up to 35,000 people could die in the country due to the pandemic.

8.13 am – South Korea, another 39 new cases

In South Korea, 39 other cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of infections reported by the authorities to 11,668. Of the new cases, five have been “imported” from abroad. No new deaths have been reported since yesterday, keeping the death toll at 273.

8.05 am – Minnesota, tampons to protesters for Floyd

The governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, has asked that all protesters who took to the streets for the killing of George Floyd carry out the test to check if they contracted the coronavirus. “Everyone who has demonstrated must take the test for Covid-19,” Walz said on Twitter, then saying he was “deeply concerned about this type of event. We will see an increase in Covid-19 cases. It is inevitable.”

8 am – Brazil overtakes Italy by number of deaths

In Brazil in the last 24 hours there have been 1,473 victims due to complications caused by the coronavirus, bringing the total to 34,021. A figure that brings the country to third place in the world in terms of number of victims for Covid-19 and exceeding Italy. The death toll in Brazil is the highest for the fourth consecutive day. With regard to the number of cases, 614,941 infections were recorded in Brazil, over 30 thousand more than yesterday. The country remains in second place in the world in number of cases behind the United States.

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