Coronavirus: New York reopens, Bolsonaro censors Brazil – World data


The coronavirus has already killed at least 400 thousand people worldwide while the cases of infection are now 7 million. Of these 2 million concern only the United States which, however, like the rest of the planet, are trying to restart. Starting from New York which after more than two months – it was March 22 when the lockdown took place – announced on Monday the reopening of the activities, inaugurating what is called the ‘Phase 1’ of the post-pandemic. And while the world fears waves of return, with many fears also linked to the gatherings and demonstrations from one corner of the planet to the other for the death of George Floyd, the curves in many countries continue to be frightening. First of all, that of Brazil, the outbreak of Latin America, which continues to register thousands of new cases a day with its president’s crisis management very controversial. As also evidenced by the latest move by Jair Bolsonaro who decided over the weekend to no longer publish the overall data on the performance of Covid-19, triggering new controversies.

Although some countries or cities have been forced to shrink links for new outbreaks such as the Tokyo case which, after Seoul, announced a tightening for a new alarm-contagion in night clubs, the ‘Big Apple’ from tomorrow tries to return to a pseudo-normality. New York was the American epicenter that paid a heavy tribute to Covid-19 with 211 thousand cases and 21 thousand deaths but now the situation – it was the assessment of the mayor, Bill De Blasio – has returned to the parameters. Of the 400,000 deaths in the world, about half are still in Europe alone, which slowly reopens after months of lockdown, as the contagion curve drops slightly across the continent. Russia continues to run counter to the rest of Europe, recording 8,984 new cases in 24 hours for a total of 467,673 cases, making it the third country in the world, after the United States and Brazil, for infections. And it records 5,859 deaths.

The pandemic curve shows no sign of diminishing, and is worrying, even in Latin America. Brazil pays Bolsonaro’s “denial” attitude, who in recent days, along the lines of Donald Trump, accused the WHO of an “ideological” approach by threatening to leave the United Nations organization, and in a few weeks he arrived – at 33,846 deaths and 234,801 cases, making it the third most affected country in the world after the United States and the United Kingdom. And he stopped publishing the overall data on victims and infections, limiting himself in his bulletins to recording only the updates of the last 24 hours. An attitude branded by critics as “an authoritarian, insensitive, inhuman and unethical attempt to make the dead of Covid-19 invisible”. In all Latin America, recently defined by the WHO as the new “epicenter” of the pandemic, there are almost 64,000 deaths and 1.2 million infections.

Brazil is followed by Peru (191,758 and 5,301) and Chile (127,745 and 1,541), with at least 9 other countries exceeding 5,000 deaths, including Argentina and Mexico. In Asia, India quickly climbs the rankings of the most affected countries, with over 240,000 cases ascertained and at least 6,700, but which is feared to be the tip of a far more substantial iceberg in a country so densely populated and fragile from the point of view of health facilities. Saudi Arabia is on the rise, with more than 3 thousand new infections in 24 and with confirmed cases that have exceeded 100 thousand. Africa, despite the scarcity of means and of monitoring possibilities, remains anchored to around 5,000 official deaths and 184,000 cases.

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