Coronavirus, New York reopens after two months of lockdown


NEW YORK – In the city that was the most devastated by Covid 19 among all the United States, some economic activities reopen today. In fact, phase one of the ‘de-lockdown’ begins in New York, the gradual end of the blockade that had paralyzed the Big Apple because of the pandemic. In the American economic capital, construction companies and factories are starting again from this morning, while at present only a few shops are authorized to raise the shutters.


Coronavirus worldwide, New Zealand declares itself Covid-free. In Latin America, a boom in infections: 1.32 million

Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that the situation in the largest metropolis in the country is now within the parameters set to start phase one of the restart, after more than two months of lockdown. Many of the activities will therefore gradually reopen starting today. New York was the American epicenter of the pandemic with almost 400 thousand cases and 30 thousand deaths. In the United States, in the last 24 hours alone, the budget provided by Johns Hopkins University speaks of 691 deaths, a sharp drop compared to 3,000 of the most dramatic days of the emergency.

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Meanwhile, a series of police reforms have been announced, including the cancellation of funds to the Corps, cuts that will serve to finance services for young people. The news is the result of massive protests against police violence following the assassination of George Floyd, but they come from a proposal by a working group on racial inclusion that had already worked on the issue.


Minneapolis dissolves its police, New York cuts its funds

The mayor assured that these reforms are only a small part of all the necessary changes in the police and promised to prioritize this work in the year and a half that remains of his mandate.

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