Coronavirus, new record of infections in the United States: “More than 40 thousand cases in 24 hours”. Texas and Florida close the bars



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New record of daily infections in the United States. On Friday the US registered more than 40 thousand cases of coronavirus, thus making it rise to more than 2 millions the positives across the country. I am beyond 30 the US states that are experiencing an increase in cases, with the worst situations in Florida, Texas, California is Arizona. And just two of these states (Floride and Texas), facing the new record, are backing down and closing.


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According to Johns Hopkins University 40,135 were infected on Friday, thus leading to 2467510 the total of positives in all the USA – with a percentage between 5% and 8% of Americans infected – while the deaths now exceed 125 thousand. Texas is among the hardest hit states: the number of hospitalized people for Covid-19 in two weeks has more than doubled and the peak was hit on Thursday 6 thousand infections. So the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed a executive order in which it closes the bars and reduces the capacity of the restaurants to 50%.

Bars closed with immediate effect also in Florida after a new record of infections in the day was registered: 8,942, much more than last week’s record (5,508). Both states are among the worst affected and also among those governed by Republicans who have done so resistance to limitations and use of masks, in the name of the reopening of the economy also supported by the President of the United States Donald Trump.

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