Coronavirus, new outbreak in Genoese RSA: 29 cases between guests and staff


Genova. Found a new outbreak of coronaviruses within our region: within an RSA, in fact, 29 new cases of positivity were found, between guests and staff.

The president announced it Giovanni Toti, during the usual press point on the infection: in fact, the new 56 cases recorded by Alisa, which make Liguria the region with the highest number of new infections in Italy.

According to what the governor reported, in fact, “A fortnight ago a patient was hospitalized in San Martino for double tibia and fibula, doubly swabbed negative, and then transferred to the Rsa Santa Marta. She was subsequently hospitalized in San Martino after Covid symptoms. In the following days another 5 cases “. Hence the isolation of the cluster, with a total of 29 cases, including 20 guests and 9 workers.

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